You May Want to Look at the Foreclosure Market for a New Home


Boerne tx real estate

If you think of owning property as an investment, you may want to consider buying a home on the foreclosure housing market. By buying in this housing market, you may be able to get great value for a reduced price.

When you buy a house in foreclusure, you’ll want to make certain that you know which way the industry is trending and how that may affect your search for the right property. For example, across the United States there were 454,000 less foreclosed houses available on the market in August of 2013 than there were in August of 2012. If you’re looking specifically at homes for sale in San Antonio, you may want to note that the typical price for a house in July of that year was $178,000.

But what makes San Antonio a particularly attractive place to live? For one, there are many available employment opportunities, with the number of employees there expanding. In terms of leisure, there is the San Antonio River Walk, a park that is open to the public throughout the year with plenty of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment destinations. And if you are a member of the military, it may make sense to find a home for you and your family away from your base if there is no housing available.

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