Month: February 2018

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A Cool Bean Bag Chair Could Be the Missing Element in Your Home

The first time that you become a homeowner, there are so many things to think about and put on your to do list. You want to make sure that your house is safe, structurally sound, comfortable, and functional. Ensuring these elements will likely include a somewhat extensive checkup on the whole house. For some newer […]

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3 Things to Avoid When Creating Your Outdoor Dream Space

The home renovation wave is sweeping the nation and with all the DIY tips and hints out there it can get confusing as to which way to go is the best. When it comes to building the perfect backyard though, there are a few things to look out for when tackling your own home project. […]

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What Happens to Your Clothing Donations?

What happens to Red Cross donations? The American Red Cross is one of the largest clearing houses for clothing donations in America. Every year, 70% of people in the United States give something to a charity. In fact, 3% of all American income goes to charities every year. Non-profits are more than $666 billion worth […]

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forehead lines
Forehead Lines

4 Natural Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Looking Amazing

Everyone wants to have healthy, beautiful skin, and we try all our lives to avoid forehead lines, oily skin, wrinkles, sun burns, and many other skin disorders and ailments. For these issues, we load ourselves up with skin care products from the drug store. We try this cream and that ointment, all to make our […]

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Six Things to Consider About Your Fencing

They say good fencing makes good neighbors, but there are quite a few good reasons to put in some fencing as part of your landscaping design. Whether you want to add value with landscaping, want to enhance your privacy, need to protect parts of your yard or law, or just love the look, here are […]

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Choosing a Stylish Cane That’s You’ll Actually Like Using

What’s the difference between stylish walking canes and functional canes? It’s fairly simple actually: the difference lies in how the user feels when walking with it. A cane for walking is an assistive mobility device, and yet it doesn’t need to make the user feel frumpy. Just over 10% of Americans over the age of […]

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Assisted Living Helping the Elderly

For an elderly person who’s having a hard time maintaining a decent standard of independent living, assisted living is a great solution. If you’re looking for an assisted living facility for your parents, you likely know their needs. All the same, you can benefit from some professional advice. Find out from an expert on care […]

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Sofas wichita ks

Update Your Home’s Personality With New Living Room Sets and Other Home Decor

Are you in the process of updating your home’s overall design or decor? A HomeGoods survey revealed that quite a few Americans haven’t done so for a long time. Over the last five years, for example, 47% of the survey’s participants hadn’t updated their home’s decor. About nine percent hadn’t done so for over ten […]

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