Month: May 2016

Basement cracks and leaks Basement waterproofing company Foundation sealing

How Water Proofing Solutions Can Help to Make Your Home a Safer, Cleaner, and More Enjoyable Environment

It’s common to say that home is where the heart is but if the basement in your home is damp, moist, or has issues with flooding, then it’s safe to say that you have quite the heartbreak on your hands in terms of water proofing solutions to keep your basement dry. And when it comes […]

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Oregon pest control Pest control eugene Rat exterminator

Summer Weather Means Summer Pests the Two Most Common Pests and How to Handle Them!

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes warm weather, beautiful flowers, and bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. And not only will these crawling, flying, biting menaces try to wreck your time outdoors, they’ll infiltrate your home, too. So what can you do about those nasty summer bugs? Here’s a few facts […]

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Alzheimer care Independent living senior apartments Senior assisted living facilities

Do You Have Memory Problems? Experts Want You to Know That It’s Probably Not Alzheimer’s

Memory loss is a fact of modern life: we are busy, we forget things, and then we panic when we realize that we’ve missed a doctor’s appointment or forgotten to pick up the ingredients for dinner with our in-laws. Everyone has forgotten whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, the exact ingredients for apple pie, and their […]

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Charities that will pick up donations Clothes donation Donations for non profit organizations

4 Great Ways to Bring Joy to Someone Else’s Life

When you have a problem or an issue or some sort of drama going on in your life, the best way to over come it is to focus on other people. Not just butting into something else’s business but to focus on other people as in helping someone who needs and wants it. Whether it’s […]

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Dealing with the terrible twos Healthy foods for picky kids Newborn babies sleep

3 Ways to Get Picky Toddlers to Eat Healthy Foods

Ah, the terrible twos. A time where your toddler knows just enough words to tell you what they want — and loudly. This is also the age where they run way further than they can throw, and it doesn’t stop them from throwing everything — including their food. Indeed, dealing with terrible twos also means […]

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Clothes donations Military families Support for military families

4 Things to Keep in Mind About Donating Your Clothing This Year

Did you know that the average American buys about 10 pounds of used clothing every year in the U.S.? There are a lot of reasons to buy used clothes. Not least among them, it helps reduce waste and improve recycling efforts. About 90% of clothing thrown out every year could be recycled instead! Considering the […]

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New townhome New townhomes Planned communities hanover maryland

National Association of Real Estate Brokers Launches Initiative Focused on Helping African Americans

It’s no secret that African Americans have a harder time procuring a mortgage than any other ethnicity, but a national organization is now hoping to change that with a new program. According to Miami Agent Magazine, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) recently launched a nationwide initiative that is focused on helping African […]

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Colorado hunting land Guest ranch for sale Texas ranches for sale

New Memorial Coming in July for US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

In Texas, their land is worth almost as much to them as their pride. Christopher Scott Kyle, a United States Navy SEAL and sniper with the most kills in U.S. military history — over 160 — was murdered by a disgruntled veteran on February 2, 2013. A Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza is scheduled to open […]

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Counseling services Marriage intensives Psychotherapy

3 Reasons Couples Therapy DOES Work for Many People

If your relationship or marriage is going through a difficult period, you may wonder if couples counseling can help you heal your relationship. When you and your partner meet with a counselor, they will listen and reflect their understanding of your issues. During the first few visits, the therapist will help the couple to state […]

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Fitted double sheets Fitted sheets small double Waterproof fitted bed sheets

Go Green for Baby, Family, and the Environment With Organic Crib Sheet Protectors, Household Products, and Food

How clean is your home? No really, how clean is it? Not necessarily in terms of dirt and grime and keeping everything as sanitary as possible for your family — even though that’s of the utmost importance — but in terms of harsh chemicals, pesticide residue, toxins, skin irritants and other known carcinogens? As you […]

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