Month: October 2016

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Amish Furniture Finding The Piece You Want

We love Amish furniture. Considered a part of the folk art movement but in actuality pre-dating it, Amish furniture is something that has both an Old World charm and a New World practicality. This is to say — we all need furniture. If you can, why not get furniture that is both distinct and long-lasting? […]

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What Should I Know Before Buying A New Home?

Are you looking into buying a new house? There’s nothing quite like choosing to build a custom home. The freedom that comes with being a homeowner is almost unparalleled and a dream many chase for years until fruition. However, buying a home requires you be smart when browsing and careful when sealing the deal — […]

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The Right Flower for the Right Holiday

Flowers remain an expression of love, caring, and affection, regardless of the holiday. However, certain holidays rank as the day when most flowers are purchased. The Christmas and Hanukkah season in the time when the highest amount of floral items are purchased, with Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day close behind. 30% of adults purchase flowers […]

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Commercial moving Local moving service Moving companies

Finding Your Heart’s Home and Letting Moving Companies Get You There

Life is about movement. The whole point of learning and growing through it is to keep moving to a better place of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes that movement takes a very literal meaning, as people move to a new house, neighborhood, state or even country for new opportunities or jobs. And while that process can […]

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Why Your Household Needs A Whole Home Water Filtration System

Are you a homeowner concerned with the cleanliness or quality of your water? If so, you are not alone. The average household in America today uses around 350 gallons of water a day for various reasons from cooking and showering to watering the lawn and filling hot tubs. In addition to how much households commonly […]

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How to stop toddler tantrums Picky toddler eaters Terrible twos behavior

How to Stop Toddler Tantrums

When children enter their toddler years, they have a lot going on. They are just at the very beginning of the journey to become independent. They are starting to learn the important skills of impulse control. They are also learning to control the way they act and how to control their bodies. This is not […]

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Amish dog house Custom shed Where to buy amish furniture

Three Reasons Why Amish Woodworking Could Be For You

People love good craftsmanship — and there’s substantial evidence that we’re willing to pay more for it. With that being said, paying more money for good quality means that you’re ultimately making an investment. A piece that costs more lasts longer, which in many ways makes it a better value than a cheap piece that […]

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Mini mods Modular Modular homes

Why Bigger Is Not Always Better When it Comes to Your Home

For those of those that have never been without one it is easy to take the idea of hime for granted. Shelter is one of the basic human needs. It is easy to forget that our ancestors made do with much humbler digs than we do today. There once was a time when indoor plumbing, […]

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Termite damage Termite prevention

Why You Need to Move Quickly at the First Sign of Termite Damage

It is important to keep your house in proper working order on all levels, and one way to ensure that this is the case is to have routine inspections. Having professionals come in to check that systems are properly in place and working correctly will help you keep a healthy home for years to come. […]

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Reasons You Should Purchase Amish Furniture

If you are looking for ways to increase your property value, there are a few things you could consider. One of the ways you could do this is through purchasing Amish furniture such as custom sheds and garages. You could also add some trees to your yard or numerous other things. You aren’t limited when […]

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