Month: December 2016

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The Importance of a Good Name Brand Lawn Mower

With many state?s experiencing large amount of snowfall this month, landscaping may be the last thing on your mind. However, as the year comes to an end, it is a good idea to begin thinking about your landscaping needs and the specific name brand lawn mower that you will use on your front lawn and […]

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In the Season of Giving, Consider Donating Your Old Clothes

The holiday season is also the season of giving. You’ve probably seen the bell ringers standing in the cold at the entrance to the grocery store, and wished you had more to give them. However, one thing you can do that really helps, whatever the season, is to donate old clothing and household goods to […]

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Golf Carts Are Versatile Vehicles With Many Uses

They’ve been the target of visual jokes for years, puttering around at 15 miles per hour with assorted characters hanging off them. They’ve featured as gags in James Bond and Peter Sellers movies, and many more. But golf carts are actually surprisingly versatile utility vehicles, and many communities are recognizing this. The newfound popularity of […]

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Create a Beautiful Entryway with a Traditional Amish Pergola

When you landscape your backyard, you also want to create an inviting outdoor living space. One feature that you can add is a traditional Amish pergola. These custom-made pergolas can provide shade and define a walkway. They can also have fragrant, flowering vines trained to grow up the pillars and over the lattice roof. All […]

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Charitable Giving is the American Way

Charitable giving is part of the American way of life. Each year, about 3% of American income is donated to charity. Even though there’s absolutely no legal or religious obligation to donate to charity, it’s seen as a way of giving a helping hand to people in need. In difficult economic times, it can be […]

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