Month: April 2015

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Three Tips on How to Secure the Best Mortgage Rates

Mortgages may seem like a modern contrivance but they actually have a very long and substantial history. Humans have been using mortgages in one form or another since ancient times. For example, the Code of Manu (or “Manusmrti”) is an ancient Hindu text that lays out primitive forms of mortgage laws for society. The code […]

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Dirty Work The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

It might seem like a miracle that we don’t have to march through a sea of garbage, crumbs, and spilled drinks to enter our work spaces. But our clean working environments are in fact the result of proper janitorial services. There are over two million men and women in the U.S. working in janitorial services, […]

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4 Places to Have Your Baby Shower

Planning an event can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Weddings are likely the most difficult to plan, with around 30% of brides planning for seven to twelve months. While most couples don’t end up having their receptions outdoors, only 15%, and only 25% of couples have themed ceremonies and receptions, you might consider these […]

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Five Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

If you find yourself waking up with back pain or suffering from mild arthritis, particularly after waking up, it may be time to look into a different bed. Although a normal, flat bed may have worked for you in the past, as we get up in age, unfortunately, our body starts to respond differently to […]

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Finished with Your Spring Cleaning? Here’s What You Can Do with Those Old Clothes

With spring in the air, it’s time to open up the windows and air out the house after a long winter. It’s also the perfect time to begin decluttering your home, and the best place to start is by cleaning out the bedroom closets. Because it’s so easy to amass clothing throughout the years, both […]

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To Rent or to Own? That is the Question and the Answer is Renting

Renting has become so popular that it’s hard to believe that at one time in American history, it was frowned down upon. Renting lofts and apartments was considered sub par in comparison to owning a home — especially in the suburbs — which was considered a sign of having “made it” or being successful. In […]

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Are Television Networks Are Joining Forces With Streaming Services and Cable?

In the eyes of many viewers, television is currently at a crossroads, as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime becoming increasingly popular, drawing customers away from traditional television channels. But while these similar methods of entertainment are often portrayed as being at odds with one another, there has recently been a significant change in […]

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5 Ways to Spend the Money You’re Saving at the Pump

The price of fueling a vehicle and heating a home are two major parts of any person’s budget. More than 93% of people use gasoline to fuel their cars and trucks, and 42% of the overall energy consumption in the United States comes from heating and cooling the spaces in which we live, work, and […]

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3 Steps to Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Rest is the fuel that powers us all. So what do you do when your schedule gets in the way of daily R and R? All kinds of things effect our ability to sleep well: work, anxiety, children, medication, maybe even just a low level of bed comfort. Here are a few pointers for improving […]

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Sinto Senior Activity Center Planning Dinner Out at MAX

On Fri., April 24, Sinto Senior Activity Center will be taking a special trip to MAX at Mirabeau, a fine-dining restaurant and lounge that has won wine and dining awards for the last six years running. Enjoy top-notch drinks, delicious appetizers, a wide selection of entrees and impressive service. The New American-style cuisine at MAX […]

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