Month: March 2015

Charitable clothing donations Donate clothes St vincent de paul donation

Donate Your Lightly Used Clothing to Charity!

Clothing donations to charity provide a pressing need for thousands of the less-fortunate in this country. Sadly, there are more than 600,000 homeless men, women, and children in the United States according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many of these people lack basic clothing, and especially for those who live in colder […]

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Fire damage Flood damage tampa Public adjuster

Are You Asking the Right Questions During your Search for a Public Adjuster?

After your house has been damaged by a natural disaster or extreme weather event such as fires or tornadoes, public adjusters can be the resource you need to get a fair payout from your insurance claim. This is because homeowner’s insurance companies are notorious for reducing the amount of money paid out for this type […]

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Outdoor furniture specialists Playhouses nj Wooden dining room tables

Amish Cupolas A Buying Guide

Buying any new structure or add-on to a structure is a litter stressful, since it’s something of an investment and can have a huge impact on a building or a property. One of the most popular add-ons to a structure is a cupola, since it isn’t a huge project and adds a lot of interest […]

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Homes for sale in murrieta Luxury homes for sale in temecula ca Real estate agent

Three Important Tips for Buying Your First Home

Buying a new home is a big step in many people’s lives, one that requires careful consideration and preparation before you can take the plunge. However, this process takes more than a helpful real estate agent and a basic knowledge of real estate trends, although both will help. Instead, potential homeowners need to know how […]

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55+ communities in lancaster county pa Over 55 community activities Senior living lancaster pa

The 3 Most Compelling Reasons to Consider 55+ Community Living

Young retirees in the 55 and up age range often have trouble finding where they fit in. If you’re in this age group, you may feel that you want more leisure and recreation activities than your average neighborhood can provide, but you’re still far too young and energetic to consider a senior care home. In […]

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East falls apartments Philadelphia center city apartments Philadelphia luxury apartments

How to Find the Loft Apartment You’ve Always Wanted in Three Easy Steps

Here’s a loft, there’s a loft, everywhere is lofts and more lofts! Ever since the Jeffersons moved on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky, it seems that everyone wants to find lofts for rent. However, finding lofts and apartments that fit within your budget and have all the amenities you need can be […]

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Amish pool house nj Amish shed plans Sheds morris county nj

Three Super Easy Indoor Furniture Buying Tips

Shopping for furniture can be super exciting, but with all of the options out there it can be difficult to know where to start. Since it is something people generally don’t do very often, it can seem intimidating and a source of stress to have to choose pieces that will be in your home for […]

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Furniture panama city beach Interior designers florida Mattress tips

Three Beach-Inspired Interior Design Tips for Home and Condo Owners

When many people think of beachfront property, they often imagine bright, airy rooms with flowing curtains and vibrant colors to remind them of the sea. However, not everyone lives right on the beach, and those who do may find that their homes lack the coastal theme they thought their house would have when they move […]

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Church steeples prices Pulpit furniture Used church pews

Playing with Pews 5 Ways to Incoporate Church Furniture Into Your Home

With a surge in popularity for using unconventional decorative items in your home, there is a growing market for things once considered church furniture or church decor. These pieces, which you can often find used or secondhand, have a rich history of their role in sanctuaries and can bring a vintage, functional, and beautiful design […]

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