Month: January 2016


Ways to Give Back to the Community with Donations for Non Profit Organizations

Many of us want to give back to the community but cannot afford to make cash donation. Luckily there are a lot of ways to help others that do not involve writing a check. There are many kinds donations for non profit organizations that make a big difference in the communities the organizations serve. Ways […]

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4 Great Places to Have a Baby Shower

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, and terrifying things someone can experience. Pregnancy is a funny time; not so much ha ha funny as peculiar. Sometimes, a pregnant lady can feel completely alone in her quest and other times, never felt this much love and support from those around her. It’s easy […]

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Is online dating safe Online dating site Online dating sites

The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Love and finding the one has a mythic quality in popular culture. The death of a relationship causes life changing feelings of angst, or, at least, we are told it is supposed to do so, and finding the person you want to marry is an event so major it is the climax of thousands of […]

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Live in the Lap of Luxury With Your New Home

Are you in the market for a luxurious new home? Do you want it to be cutting edge, with the newest appliances, environmentally friendly building plans, and additions that will make your houseguests gasp in awe? You should get in touch with a custom home builder and have him or her draw up luxury home […]

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The Big Decision Assisted Living vs Nursing Home for Your Aging Parent

It’s rarely easy when an aging parent must leave their home and move in to any type of care facility. Helping to choose the right facility can be even more difficult. Every family situation is unique, but there are some common key elements to keep in mind when choosing between assisted living vs nursing home […]

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Donate Now For That Feel-Good Glow

Thrifting has recently become “cool” again — perhaps in part thanks to the recession and some pop culture references. Secondhand clothes no longer necessarily denote poverty or being looked down upon — in many cases, finding a great bargain at a secondhand store can be a great topic of discussion and a great way to […]

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Three Facts to Help Restore Your Faith in Humanity Even During Some of Our Darkest Hours

Terrorism is an odd phenomena: as the name suggests, the goal is to disrupt social harmony and allow fear to dominate our lives. Fear, anger, and hatred prove that such acts work; although the issue needs to be addressed it can be difficult at times to not let these acts change who we are. Here […]

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Donating To Charity How Old Clothing Can Help Veterans

Each day, millions of people dedicate their lives to defending this country. Although we often hear much about supporting active troops, less is heard about how to support our veterans. Veterans — especially those returning from war zones — often have a lot to recover from, both emotionally and physically. And though we all want […]

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3 Reasons to Rent a Loft

If you are interested in renting your residence, you are not alone. Approximately 35% (or more) of people in the United States choose to rent rather than own. There are some good reasons for this. It is cheaper, it has been estimated that at least 20% of homeowners would have saved money by renting. Renters […]

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self-sustaining community
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3 Great Reasons That a Self-Sustaining Community is the Best Option for Your Growing Family

Living “off the grid” is a dream for many Americans, but it’s impossible to accomplish this without the support of an entire community. Moving to a self-sustaining community can provide you with a perfect place to raise your family in addition to a host of unique benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. In a […]

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