Month: July 2015

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Here’s What You Can Put in Your Custom Home!

When you’re looking for a new home, consider the option of custom home plans. Though you may already be looking at pre-existing homes, exploring the option of custom home designs will help you to make your new home a real investment. Looking at custom home models in your area will help you get an idea […]

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Where Are Those Tiny Home Owners Now? In Regular, People-Sized Homes

In 2014, the “tiny house” trend swept the nation’s DIY, green living, and hipster communities, even inspiring a reality show called “Tiny House Nation.” And if you were a green living, Doing-It-Yourself hipster, the tiny house trend was like a dream house come true. Generally, a tiny house is defined as a single-unit family home […]

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Why You Should Donate Used Clothing to Your Community

Thrift stores are a great way to recycle gently used goods and ensure that your items find their way into a home that can use them. Research shows that up to 70% of Americans give donations for non profit organizations. Charities that pick up clothing donations alone are responsible for $5.8 billion worth of clothing […]

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Golden Oldies Real Estate For Retirees

As of 2015, 13% of the population, which equals over 40 million Americans, are 65 or older. When the Baby Boomers all reach 65 years of age in 2030, that number will increase to 20% of the population. Once these people age and decide it is time to retire they are faced with making the […]

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Family Vacations With Recreational Opportunities Lead to Good Health

Your family certainly understands the value of a family vacation. After nine months of a crazy school year with a different schedule for every person in your house, the summer could be a time when you get a chance to relax, sit back, and enjoy a slower pace that allows the entire family to spend […]

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Carpet cleaning service How to remove wine stains from carpets Upholstery cleaning services

Professional Cleaning Services Extend the Life of Your Carpeting

Has a glass of spilled red wine wrecked the view of your living room? Is that black tar from the deliveryman’s shoes spoiled the look of the front door entrance rug. If so you might be desperate to fix the problem and remove the stain instead of having to replace an expensive accent rug. Cleaning […]

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Amish garage builders Gazebos Pet shelters

What The Amish Can Teach You About Parties

This summer consider getting out of the house and raiding the garden shed. Your garden not only provides beauty for your home, but it can also give you exercise, nourishment and entertainment too. Gardening is Good for Your Health There are several health advantages to gardening. By getting the garden equipment out from the ol’ […]

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Homes for sale baltimore Homes in baltimore Selling your home

Are You Getting REady to Buy or Sell Your Home?

Are you in the process of buying a new house or selling your home? If so, you are involved in one of the most exciting, and financially important times in your life. Whether you are making the decision to purchase a home for the very first time or are selling your home so your family […]

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Donate clothes Helping families in need Pick up clothing donations

3 Uses You Might Not Have Known About for Used Clothing Donations

Have you ever donated clothing to charity? Chances are you gave clothing to charity thinking it would be helping families in need directly. The good news is that this is actually the use for much of the 14.3 million tons of clothing Americans donate each year. However, there are some other uses that donated clothing […]

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St vincent de paul donation St vincent de paul donation pickup St vincent de paul donations

Love in Action, Donating to Children in Need of Clothing

When it comes to donating clothes, we can look to the wisdom of Mother Teresa who said “do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” Love, whether expressed through a smile, hug, kind word or deed, never ceases to find […]

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