Why You Need a Horizontal Wood Fence


Homeowners looking to add privacy and improve the curb appeal of their homes should consider wood fencing installation. Wood fencing is a popular solution that uses redwood and cedar boards to mark the home. The YouTube video “How to Build a Horizontal Fence” looks into the steps that entail the construction of a wood fence.

A couple of tools are essential for wood fencing installation. Essential tools include a post-hole digger, a drill, and wood lumber.

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Before starting the installation process, measuring the length of the proposed fence is essential to ensure that materials are enough to construct the fence to completion. The first step is to dig postholes that are ten to twelve inches wide. Also, ensure that the depth is six inches below the frost line. Next, fill the post-holes with small pieces of gravel or stone.

After filling the post-holes, place the posts in the post-holes and adjust them until they’re firm. Also, brace the posts on both adjacent sides to ensure rigidity. The post-holes should also be half-filled with the previously dug soil. Next, compact the solid by soaking the area and applying fast-drying concrete to make the posts firm and sturdy. After setting up your posts, attach redwood boards using a drill and screws. Insist on using redwood since it offers longevity.


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