Whats the Best Countertop for Your Home?


So, you’re finally living out your dream of designing your own home. This comes with many intricacies, from choosing what paint to use, what flooring to use, and choosing many other nit-picky design details. If you have hired a home designer, this job is made easier as they will help guide your decisions based on what aesthetics you like. However, one major decision that will need to be made is what kind of countertop you will have in our kitchen. Marble? Granite? Quartz?

In this video, these home design experts take you through all three types of materials and the positives and negatives of each one. They also explain how to take care of each kind of countertop.

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This is very important to know, as some people prefer to have a material that does not require much special care to keep looking great, whereas other people do not care if they need to put a little more effort into their countertop so long as it is beautiful.

If you are interested in learning more, watch the full video above or go online for more resources! Deciding between marble, quartz, and granite is very difficult, but that’s only because they are all great options!

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