The Most Popular Replacement Doors


Replacing old doors can give our home better light penetration and ventilation. New patio doors can have you saving more money. Here are the most popular replacement doors to choose from.

With in-swing doors, the hinges are not visible to the outside. You will require space behind the door to make room for the swing space.

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Out-swing doors need swing space on the outside of the house. If you live in areas with powerful winds, these are your go-to doors because they are extra resilient and robust.

Sliding doors are for you if you have limited space and cannot accommodate swing space. They work best on a balcony or a sunroom.

Choosing Milgard windows will fit indoors based on your home structure. An experienced contractor will come and take measurements of the entrance space and assess the opening conditions. They will look for structural issues in the wall space and make all necessary repairs.

Milgard windows use a block frame to make replacements. This method does not require exposed studs and means minor damage to your structure.

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