The Benefits of Open Adoption


Families planning to adopt a child or pregnant women planning to give up a child for adoption should consider open adoption. In this YouTube video, “Open Adoption Pros and Cons,” American Adoptions explains how open adoption benefits both the family and the biological mother. The video featured moms who gave their children up for adoption and who now feel they made the right choice.

Adoption Conveys a Mother’s Love

Open adoption allows the biological mother to have continued contact with the adoptive family. One woman began the video by saying many people believe if a mother gives up their child for adoption, it’s because they don’t love them.

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This mom states nothing could be further from the truth. She continued by saying she gave her child up for adoption because she loves her, and her continued contact with her child confirms adoption was her best choice.

Open Adoption Gives Unique Blessings

The first woman to speak feels her contact with her child has blessed her. She believes she would have been wondering about her child’s developmental milestones, but she has seen her daughter walk and enjoy her life. The second mom had been hesitant about open adoption. However, due to her decision to embrace open adoption, she now feels blessed by her interactions with her son and his family.


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