How What You Wear To Bed Can Impact Your Sleep

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Bedtime is one of the most important parts of your day. When, where, and how you sleep can impact your day-to-day outlook and interpersonal behaviors. Scientists recommend between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. This sleep regimen can be easily interrupted by the conditions of your sleeping arrangements. And what you wear to bed can be a huge part of that.

When planning what to wear to bed, scientists suggest avoiding very warm pajamas in favor of lighter cotton (sorry, flannel lovers). High body temperature can disturb REM sleep and leave you feeling restless in the morning. In addition, overheating can inhibit your body’s ability to produce growth hormone, which then inhibits your body’s ability to repair damaged, aging cells. For instance, when you go shopping for cute nightgowns its often best to consider how warm the material might be once you’re snuggled up in the covers.

As much as warmth disturbs your sleep, you can have similar troubles when dealing with cold temperatures. No matter the temperature of your room, the feel and texture of your nightie can negatively impact your ability to fall asleep. As much fun as it is to wear a slippery silk nightgown, you can find yourself slowly slipping down the bed away from your pillows, causing you to wake and readjust. The end result: a night of broken, unpleasant sleep.

One of the most effective forms of bedclothes you can wear is the traditional white nightshirt. Designed using light cotton fabric, this Victorian style nightgown is the perfect balance between warmth and cold, allowing for the perfect night’s sleep. Victorian nightgowns come in a wide variety of styles, whether laced or button up, long or short, sleeves or no sleeves, and each one provides a comfortable sleeping experience. You can find some very cute nightgowns when you look for Victorian sleepwear, and you will be amazed by the nightly comfort of sleeping in a cotton nightshirt.

By being aware of the effects of your sleepwear, you can make an effective choice in selecting the most comfortable option for you. Regardless of what the sleep scientists say, you know your body best. Only you can know what is too cold and too warm for your sleeping habits.

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