Four Different Foot Soaks


This video is to inform viewers about foot soaks and how to make your own at home spa products. Self-care is extremely important and we should be practicing it on a daily basis. In fact, by next year the spa sector, which is among the top in the beauty health and wellness industry, is estimated to reach $128 billion. Sometimes it is hard to go to a spa if you are super busy, so take this chance to learn about doing your own foot soak at home!

When it comes to doing your own treatments at home, it is definitely doable. Do your own research to recognize the more stressful and tense parts of your body that need a little bit more care.

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When it comes to the major tension areas on the body, there are a few. The arms, the feet and lower legs, the head, neck, and shoulders, and the hands and lower arms. The feet are most essential because we use them on a daily basis to get us moving from one place to another. We should be taking care of our feet every day, with the very least being a foot massage and doing foot soaks to better circulate blood flow in the feet and release tense muscles.


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