Why You Might Need a Maid Service


Not only should modern homes and offices be furnished with the right furniture and have all utilities in good shape (plumbing and electrical and beyond), but everything should be kept clean. A American’s home may get dirty and build up a lot of grime, dust, and bacteria if surfaces are neglected for too long, and this can cause some health issues and make a homeowner unhappy with their household. Meanwhile, public areas such as offices and restaurants and others will need to be kept clean not only for hygiene but to impress guests and business clients. A dirty or smelly interior will make a bad impression, and this may drive off customers and hurt business. Sometimes, a homeowner is too busy or is often away from home and can’t do much cleaning for themselves. And an office manager is hardly expected to get a vacuum and cleaning rags for the dirt in the office, so an experienced maid service may be hired instead. Finding a maid services may be essential for a homeowner who is often away, and a spring cleaning service in particular might be helpful. An experienced maid service can get a lot done. What might this entail?

Hazards of Grime

Why might someone want dependable house cleaning, or why might an office or hotel get house cleaning services on board? It should be noted that not only will a dirty interior make a terrible impression on people, but it will also threaten their health in all sorts of ways. A small office, for example, may have a lot of loose dust, pollen, VOCs, and other harmful particles or even fumes in the air, and this airborne dirt might get circulated throughout the facilities a number of times through the air conditioning. Studies have been done on this topic, and they show that a lot of VOCs and dirt in the air may even lower cognitive performances of anyone regularly exposed to all this. Put simply, airborne filth can harm the mind, and this is not what a manager would want from their paid employees. In fact, dirty air also increases rates of asthma and illness, and office employees may need to take more days off for illness if the air is dirty.

Dirty surfaces may have a similar effect. Commonly touched items such a door handles, computer keyboards, and more will get a lot of germs and grime on them, and if they are dirty enough and occupants don’t wash their hands diligently, disease may spread. This, too, will drive up the number of sick days taken. Something similar may happen in the home, and surfaces ranging from the toilet seats and lids to door handles to the carpeting may build up a lot of dirt and germs over time. Bedding, too, needs to be cleaned off every so often to clear out skin flakes, mites, and more. In fact, 22% of Americans say that their carpets are probably dirtier than their toilets seats are. But all this can be fixed with an experienced maid service on the job.

Hiring Experienced Maid Services

A homeowner may hire some experienced maid service, for example, if that homeowner is often away from home due to business or travel or if they have a very busy schedule. The homeowner can’t afford to simply let the house get dirty from neglect, so these experienced maid services will be employed to take care of everything. A homeowner may look up local maid services in their area online, and visit their websites to see photos and videos of their work. Maid service websites may also explain which chemicals or cleaning materials they use, and some homeowners may have a preference on this. Many cleaners have harmful chemicals, and organic and vegan cleaning substances are becoming a popular alternative. A client may search “local maid services using vegan cleaners”, for example. An office manager may do much the same for their facilities. A good maid service will wipe clean metal, wood, and even plastic and glass surfaces, and vacuum and perform deep cleaning on carpets. Many Americans neglect to perform deep cleaning on carpets regularly, so maid services can handle this and remove a lot of filth from carpets.

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