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Clothing donations is the best way to recycle clothes and other household items. A large portion of people have a number of items of clothing they have only worn once. This also goes for household items that have been sitting around in the garage collecting dust. It can be attributed to the fact that Americans buy more clothes and household items now that they did even ten years ago. Also, trends and styles are constantly changing making it easier for closets to get full faster. Donating is the best way to go to get rid of clothes, and at the same time help families in need or give to helping a veteran. There are a wide range of charities and if you are considering donating here are a few things to think about.

When To Donate Clothes
You may be asking yourself when to donate clothes. The rule of thumb for recycling clothes is, if you have not worn a particular item in six months it is time to consider donating it. Another good time when to donate clothes is during the change of seasons. If you have a box of coats or sweaters you know you are not going to wear for the following season there are several veteran and wounded soldier foundations that will take them off your hands. This may happen less frequently, but consider donating when moving to a new place or redecorating.

What To Donate
Household items are something you should definitely consider when donating. Do not discount the household items you were planning on re-gifting or hardly ever use. Organizations are looking for lightly used items such as, coffee makers, curling irons, etc. Think about items you may have two or more of like crock pots or pans. For larger items such as couches and entertainment centers several organizations offer donations that pick up at home such as GreenDrop. Also, do not forget, all items donated are considered a tax write-off.

Where To Donate
The best charities donate to specialize in helping the homeless, needy families, and disabled veterans. Some very good ones also include training programs for the blind such as www.nfb.org. Each charity spends quality time and resources making sure that those in need, or disabled receive the most out of your recycled items. Their goal is to raise money to support their particular specialty. The best way to find an organization to donate to is to weigh and consider where your donation will be used the most effectively for the items you choose to donate. Ultimately the choice on where to donate is yours.

The Bigger Picture
On average, Americans discard up to 70 pounds of clothing items a year which end up in landfills. This can be averted by the simple and generous act of clothing and household item donations. In previous years, more than two billion pounds of clothing were redirected from landfills to charity organizations. Not only will donating help with the serious issue of waste, but will also help to contribute to the community. More than likely people would consider taking action if they only knew the value of charitable donations and how far they go to helping the recipients.
You can do your part by donating, and encouraging others to recycle their clothing and household items too.

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