The Incredible Material that Made the Fouta Robe, Accessories, and Towel for Many Years


There are many different types of towels and robes used by those who visit the beach every year, including about 60 million people annually in the United States. Most cotton towels and robes are also valuable for the bath and shower as well, and Fouta towel and Tunisian towels have become quite popular in recent years.

What is Fouta Cotton?

Fouta is a thin, patterned piece of cotton or linen fabric used in Mediterranean countries. It was originally Tunisian and has become incredibly popular in recent years. These Fouta towels and Fouta robes are used and worn by both men and women, though it is worn and used differently among various nations. Today, these are commonly beach towels and bathrobes.

Other Fouta Accessories

In addition to the Fouta robe, there are other accessories that are made of Fouta cotton. Often they are spa-style towels and accessories, used because the Fouta material is lightweight and does not scratch the skin at all. Fouta was historically used in those Mediterranean countries sometimes for loincloths, overwear, and much more. It was a fabric that could be used to work into the various clothing needs of any nation based on the climate and weather. Different items made of Fouta material include the following:

  • Fouta towels
  • Fouta robes
  • Tunisian Fouta towels
  • Tunisian towels
  • Beach towels
  • Fouta hand towels
  • Fouta beach towels

The Fouta Towel

Fouta towels are most often made out of linen or 100% cotton. Additionally, they often have delicately fringed detail. This has become a popular design again in recent years, and it is one that is used for the beach towel or beach robe. It is not heavy in the heat of the sun, though it helps to protect from the grit of the sand or the heat of the sun when it is used as a robe or a towel on which you lay at the beach.

With all of these different types of items made from the comfortable Fouta material, there is a great deal that you can benefit from having this comfort available no matter where the towels, accessories or robes will be used. Whether you are in a spa, at home, at the beach, or anywhere else where they will be needed, it is clear that this material has been comfortable and durable for centuries and can be continually trusted.

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