Need Some Room in Your Closet?


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Charitable clothing donations are needed by many, yet as many as 12 and 13 million tons of clothes are thrown away in the United States each year. This needs to change. Clothes and other textile products can easily be recycled or reused through charity donations.

How Much is Wasted?

In the U.S., the average person throws away approximately 68 pounds of clothing each year. This is an astounding number by itself, but even more so when you consider that nearly 99% of the textiles and clothing thrown away could be recycled or reused! Almost 5% of the total garbage in landfills consists of clothing and everyday textiles that could be made into donations for non profit organizations.

What Can I do?

You can donate! Most Americans — estimated at 70% — donate to charity at least once a year. Many of these donations are cash, but charitable clothing donations to qualified organizations can also lower your taxes through deductions. You can contribute to the over 2 million tons of clothing and textiles that are recycled or donated yearly in the United States. Some organizations will even pick up donations of clothing from your home. You can contribute to green charities and be helping families in need, without even leaving your living room.

Start Today!

If your closet is getting full, make some room for new clothes by donating the items you no longer want. It can be difficult to decide if you really want a piece of clothing. If you haven’t worn or used it in more than a year, donate it! If you don’t know what organizations are operating in your area, you can ask around, check the phonebook, or perform an internet search. Most places that accept clothing donations are relatively easy to find. Some even set up bins that you can drive by and simply drop off clothes. By donating, you are helping create the 14.3 million tons of donated clothing to help individuals and families worldwide.

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