Is Your Family Considering Building a Backyard Pool?


Benefits of owning a swimming pool

Keeping the kids are your house gets more challenging as they get older. The redesigned backyard with the custom pool design, however, was pretty effective.
When the kids are little, it is easy to make sure that your house was one of the locations were everyone gathered. When you were the mom who was always available to pick everyone up you simply brought everyone to your house. the rest of the parents would pick up by the end of the play day. You loved the chance to watch your young children interact with their new friends. And even if one of the young guests was a little less behaved then you would have liked, the visits were short.
As the children got a little older and they walked or biked their way home from school, getting the gang to congregate in your kitchen or basement was still easy. A variety of great snacks always available meant that your house was the place your kids’ friends wanted to be after school. You liked knowing where everyone was at and you were confident that you were a great supervisor. You had perfected the ability to let the kids have fun, but still stay in some kind of control.
Once the high school kids started driving, however, the challenge of getting the gang to spend time at your house became more difficult. Good food was still a pretty strong draw, but the gang did not always stick around as much as you would have liked. You understood that some of the kids wanted to be at the house’s where there was less supervision, but you would not give up on trying to get them to stay at your house where you knew both your high school son and daughter as well as their friends would have just enough supervision to still have fun.
The day your husband came home and announced that he had a meeting with a custom pool design team, you knew you would have another chance to keep the kids and their friends at your house in the summers when they were finishing high school and starting college. Some of your friends thought that you were crazy, but you had always liked the fact that you knew who your kids were hanging out with, and those days were going by very quickly.
Custom Pool Construction and Custom Hot Tub Design Allows Homeowners the Chance to Create an Outdoor Oasis
New custom pool designs that lend themselves to less maintenance are going increasingly popular across the country. While the backyard pool has always been a popular option in states like California and Nevada, these backyard gathering spots continue to grow in locations where the swimming season is not quite as long. Custom pool designers make sure that they also allow for outdoor lighting that is attractive even when the pool is closed for the season and not in use.
in addition to serving as a great source of entertainment, a swimming pool can also serve as a great opportunity for exercise. Did you know, for instance, that because water is about 800 times denser than air, athletes can work harder, and burn more calories, in a pool than out of it. In fact, a single hour of vigourous swimming can burn as many as 650 calories. Because of its exercise benefits as well as its entertainment value, swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the America.
Currently, there are an estimated 10.6 million swimming pools in the U.S, and it appears that number will increase. Research indicates, for instance, that more than 50% of homeowners who intend to upgrade their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours in that space every week. Many of those plans include outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, and other water features. The decision to extend the living space beyond the home and into the back yard is a growing trend across the country. In fact, research indicates the outdoor entertainment areas grew into a 7 billion dollar industry in 2015. This number represents a 4% increase from the year 2014.
Whether you are looking for an attraction to keep your children at home more often or an option for healthy exercise, a backyard pool is a great addition.

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