How to Protect Your Furniture from Pet Hair and Pet-Related Stains but Still Keep it Decorative


Millions of Americans across the country own pets, the most common variety being cats and dogs. While these pets bring joy to their owners, they can also inadvertently damage household furniture by covering couches, sofas, and chairs with their hair and stains that can potentially ruin furniture. Many owners turn to pet cover solutions as a means of sidestepping this problem, but a related issue is how to cover the furniture and still retain the ability to decorate the home? Here’s a look at some solutions to the problem.

One solution to protecting furniture, particularly sofas and couches, from pet hair and stains is to employ sofa slipcovers or couch slipcovers. These slipcovers can come in a variety of colors and patterns, and are designed to be fitted to a specific size of furniture, with sizes generally being listed on the packaging. By choosing a slipcover made of fabric that keeps it shape and also repels dirt and stains, you can cover your furniture while still maintaining a sense of decoration. In other words, there’s no reason for a slipcover to be drab and plain. Slipcovers like this can also be purchased for recliners, ottomans, and can also be customized if you have unique pieces of furniture that need to be protected.

Another option for pet cover solutions, particularly if the bed needs to be protected, is to purchase specialized covers for the mattress and the pillows. This will work to protect the mattress if your pet likes to climb up onto the bed and you want to keep the sheets clean. You can also purchase a duvet made of dirt and stain resistant fabric, the more tightly woven it is, the better it will work when it comes to repelling stains.

In conclusion, the best pet cover solutions that you can invest in for your furniture are custom slipcovers that can be placed over your furniture while still retaining a sense of design. Basic slipcovers are easily affordable and still be purchased in a variety of colors and styles. You can also purchase specialized covers for your bed that can protect the mattress from pet-related stains. These are all easily obtained options that allow you to protect your furniture while still enjoying your pets on a daily basis.

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