How Many Times Have You Had to Get Out Your Snow Blower Out This Season?


You simply cannot help but smile when your Dad’s best friend stops by. These days you do not get to visit your 86 year old Dad as often as you want, but when you do you always love the part when his good friend stops by for a visit. A full 10 years younger than your father, this friend is an important part of your Dad’s days. He asks you Dad for help several times during the week, the two are frequent fixtures at local auctions, and during the winter, it is a comfort to know that when bad weather hits, your Dad’s friend takes care of the snow plowing.
There was a time, of course, when your father and the fleet of snow blowers that he has was the one clearing driveways, sidewalks, and other needed spaces. At the age of 86, however, you are relieved that your father has relinquished the snow plowing to someone else. Conveniently, your Dad’s friend stores one of his tractors across the road from where your Dad lives. This means, of course, that every time the snow plowing friend has to come get this particular tractor out to clear out the front of his own Quonset, he first clears the long alley into your Dad’s home. The two have coffee at the end of the work, and there is plenty of consultation and weather reporting that goes on at the beginning, and sometimes during the middle as well.

This Holiday Season Dumped Lots of Snow on Many Locations in the Country

Both residential and commercial snow plowing services got plenty of business this holiday season. From the storms that trapped travelers at airports the day before Christmas to the second round of storms that dumped more of the fluffy white stuff before the New Year’s, there was plenty of work that needed to be done before Americans were able to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family.

As more and more places in American dealt with unusual weather events this last decade it may come as no surprise to know that the snow plowing industry saw a 2.4% growth between the years 2012 and 2017. When snow events happen, it is important that even the heaviest of snows are removed as safely and efficiently as possible. Schools cannot operate, businesses cannot open, and the rest of our lives are often completely interrupted when snow falls. In some parts of the south, in fact, even an inch of snow can bring things to a standstill. In parts of the north where there are many more fleets of snow removal equipment, the heaviest of snows can still be a real burden.

And while there are times in our lives when we are able to take care of our own snow removal, it is also important to make sure that you are watching out for your health. Unfortunately, a 2015 study found that an average of 11,500 people in America are treated each year for injuries like heart attacks, broken bones, and other injuries that occur while shoveling snow. Whether it is a good friend or a professional snow removal service, it often makes sense to have someone else take care of the snow that keeps you from getting in and out of your home or business.

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