Have You Already Started Menopause?


Sometimes you simply have to laugh. Instead of being frustrated about the hot flashes and the other first stages of menopause that you are experiencing, you simply crank up the air conditioner and laugh. Despite increasing life expectancy, the average age at menopause has not changed for several centuries. In fact, most women are 40 to 58 when they face this major transition. And while the mean age at menopause is 51, some women are in their 30s, and others in their 60s.

A cartoon that satirizes the fact that the world is full of more menopausal women would probably not be received very well, but this fact is one that female comics can certainly have a hey day with. In fact, hormone therapy for women has long been a topic that is often covered by women who are talking to women. From menopause treatments to the specific first stages of menopause that are the most common, there are a number of conversations, and sometimes jokes, that women enjoy when they are able to gather. In addition to providing tips for each other, it is always good to know that you are not the only one suffering.

Womens Health Issues Continue to Capture the Nation’s Attention

From in vitro fertilization to menopause solutions to access to abortion, the nation seems to be very focused on the womens health. Stretching from Supreme Court confirmation hearings to what can be denied in a company provided insurance plan, there are many topics about womens health, infertility solutions, and other care options that are relevant in today’s world.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the health and reproductive issues that many women face:

  • 90% of women experience perimenopause, a time of altered menstrual cycles, before actual menopause. Typically, perimenopause lasts four years.
  • Financial hardship and life-long depression may lead to early menopause, according to two different studies from 2003.
  • Women under the age of 35 should try to get pregnant for one year before contacting their healthcare professional or doctor.
  • Infertility can be treated with surgery, medicine, intra-uterine insemination, or assisted reproductive technology.
  • In both men and women, smoking as few as five cigarettes a day each has been associated with lower fertility rates.
  • Once a woman has experienced 12 months without a period, she is classified as being in the first stages of menopause and for the remainder of her life is described as post-menopausal.

Finding a way to laugh your way through some of life’s greatest challenges is certainly a way to make sure that you are avoiding some of the stress of aging. And while none of us can avoid getting older, it is important to know that you are rarely experiencing something that no one else has ever shared.

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