Golf Carts How They’re Moving Beyond The Course


You might find it hard to believe, but golf carts are now being used way beyond the greens as people have started actually purchasing them for residential and suburban areas. That means that golf cart maintenance services are increasing, and you should know what it takes to maintain and own this kind of vehicle.

A 2008 club car golf cart is a simple model that anyone could have and learn to upkeep on their own. It can also be found for lower prices than newer models, so if you have thought about purchasing one, you need to start here. You can also try searching for a 72 volt golf cart for sale, along with the appropriate accessories for icon golf carts.

You can easily find both electric and gas-powered models, but most people turn to electric options in today’s world. Additionally, not having to pump gas or use a regular car is one of the reasons why some people have decided to buy them. It’s easier to use a black golf cart if you live in a residential area where every convenience is nearby. It also works well for people with some mobility issues, as they could visit their neighbors and retain some independence.

Let’s find out more about why golf carts are now used outside the course.

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Golf is one of the most relaxing pastimes in the country. Even if golf isn’t for you, it’s easy to understand its popularity. Golf requires focus and skill, but it doesn’t require a lot running around, and isn’t too complicated for spectators to understand. With that being said, there is one aspect of golf that has gotten a bit irritating over the years: the part that involves following golfers around the course. For that matter, this has become a bit annoying for the golfers as well. After all, golf involves lugging around a lot of heavy equipment — not to mention the food and water that often needs to be transported along with it. These elements are why golf carts have become staples of the game. Many don’t simply view them as option, but necessary. However, the use of utility carts has expanded beyond golf. This has lots of people looking for utility carts, while at the same time being understandably reluctant to buy them at full price. Luckily, used golf carts are valid option for those who want golf carts, but don’t want to pay full price for them. As you’ll discover below, used utility carts are by no means inferior — in fact, they may in some cases be superior to brand new golf carts.

The Average Golf Cart: The Basics

Utility carts were originally made with just that in mind: utility. People didn’t care about whether or not they were comfortable. They just had to do a job. Although they vary by model, they can transport a good amount of weight — about 370 pounds in box capacity. They weigh about 1,000 pounds and are powered by four-stroke engines. With the average golf cart being eight feet long by six feet wide, they can often fit multiple people in one ride. In fact, on average they can fit between two and 10 people per ride, though it again depends on the size of the cart and for that matter, the size of the people who want to ride. How much do they cost? Well, that depends on the model. At full price, golf carts cost between $3,000 and $30,000, topping out with luxury models. However, you can save a lot of money if you choose a pre-owned golf cart. And with golf carts now being used for much more than golf, you might even find a model that’s been enhanced.

Golf Carts: Going Beyond The Course

Nowadays, golf carts have many different uses beyond the course. Many retirement communities — in which residents no longer drive cars — allow golf carts to serve as regular vehicles. The Villages, Florida has about 70,000 residents. It’s been adapted to accommodate golf carts, with about 100 miles of golf cart trails being popular, and golf carts allowed on many streets. Although the laws vary by state, golf carts are typically allowed on roads in which the speed limit is less than 35 miles per hour. Top speeds for the typical golf cart average at around 15 to 25 miles per hour, but they can be modified to be faster. In this case, a golf cart should be treated like a motor vehicle. In Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina the age required of golf cart drivers is 13. Other states require golf cart drivers to be 14 or 15. Many golf carts are alternatives to cars in “slow” areas in part because of their batteries. With a good charger on hand, batteries can last for a long time. They also may be less expensive. Now, the inconvenience of golf carts is that their batteries usually need to be recharged after two to three days, less than the amount of time one tank of gas lasts. But if you want a vehicle that is leisurely and relaxed, a golf cart be just that.

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