Building a Pole Barn? 8 Tips to Get What You Need


Are you thinking about constructing a shed for storing your tools or any other purpose? If you want to go via the DIY route, there are several pole barn kits you can purchase that come with detailed instructions to assist you with the post frame building process. The pole barn is one of the simplest shed designs you can go for. However, before you even think of how to build one, you first need to obtain a building permit. You can visit your local municipal to find out how to get one of these. It’s crucial that you provide all the information necessary about the pole barn you wish to construct. For instance, are you planning to build a 10×10 pole barn, a 48×60 pole barn, a 24 x 24 pole barn garage?

Once you obtain a permit, you will need to come up with a budget. You can get help from a general contractor when it comes to budgeting. For instance, it will be easier for them to figure out the cost of a garage 30 x 36 pole barn cost since they will have a good idea of what materials you need to purchase to complete the project. Fortunately, a general contractor is likely not going to charge you much since pole barns are quite easy to construct.

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Are you planning a new construction project? There are a lot of people who are. If your goal is to build any of the kinds of pole barns that are used around the country, there are things you can do to make sure you get the exact structure that you need.

  1. Learn the building codes for your area. Different states and localities have their own rules and regulations for all kinds of agricultural buildings including pole barns. You should make it a point to check with your local government to get the regulations for building pole barns in your area. Do this before you even start looking at places to put your barn or start to design a pole barn. Knowing the code before you start the process will save you time, stress and money.
  2. Think about what you need the pole barn for. There are different things that people do with pole barns. Will you use your pole barn to house any kind of livestock? Do you plan to store any equipment that is used to harvest crops such as combines? Deciding what you will use your steel buildings for can make a difference when you are selecting your pole barn’s design and layout. There are a lot of options out there for the design of pole barns so you should always start with the purpose of the structure.
  3. It is all about location, location, location. Before you start work on your pole barn or you on the design of the structure. What you plan to use the pole barn for will also be a factor as you decide where you will place your pole barn. If livestock will be housed in your pole barn, you will need to have an easy and quick way to get the livestock to your pole barn. If you need to store your equipment, you will need to have a way to get it to and into the pole barn. Some pole barns can have ramps added to make it easier to move heavy items in and out.
  4. Consider the climate. You can use the sun to effectively heat your pole barn. A correct alignment of many pole barns will make it easier to cool or heat the unit. While dairy cows do not spend a lot of time inside the pole barns but the structure still needs to protect them from the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Proper ventilation can make a huge difference for pole barns that are used to house live animals. You can add cupolas and other features to the structure to improve the air flow. Looking at the weather in the area of your property can influence the kind of pole barn you end up building.
  5. What materials will you use? Not all pole barns are made from the same kind of material. In the old days, all pole barns were made from wood. Those days are gone. There are a lot of options for the siding and the roof of your pole barn. Metal roofing and siding can be guaranteed for about 50 years and is a very popular way to go for pole barns around the country.
  6. Pick your colors. regardless of the material that you use, you should be able to get the colors you want for your structure. You are limited really only by your imagination and the look you want to go with for your property.
  7. Hire the right general contractor. When you are looking to put in a new pole barn, you need to have the right people help you with it. There are a lot of options when it comes to hiring a construction company, your basic goal is to find one with experience building pole barns. If you can see any of the pole barns that the company or the contractor has designed or built, that is a great thing to do.
  8. Stick to your schedule. Most construction projects are not completed on time. Do what you can in your planning to keep your project from taking longer than you expect it to.

Pole barns are versatile buildings. These tips will help you get what you need.

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