Bizarre Places You Can Rent Out


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When looking for a new place to live, you want to look for the best apartments to fit your unique style. The search to find an apartment can be a gruesome one, and all that searching can drive you crazy. Here are some of the craziest places that have been refurbished into beautiful apartment buildings to make your apartment searching a little more interesting.

Many abandoned old buildings are bought and refurbished to become luxury city apartments. Buildings like hotels, warehouses, churches, and hospitals are all examples of buildings that have been remade into apartment rental buildings. But some of the origins of these buildings are a bit more interesting than meets the eye. If looking to rent an apartment in New York City, there is a development of luxury city apartments made from a house that was previously home to elderly prostitutes. There’s also a nice apartment that was once home to an asylum, sure to be packed with old memories. Over seas in Japan, there is a contemporary apartment building made from the remains of an old love hotel, the kind that you pay by the hour.

While houses may have a unique history, it’s all about location. If you’re looking for apartments in Washington, there is a decommissioned missile site that has been cleared out and remade into an underground apartment. If you love the sea, you may want to consider a floating apartment or underwater condo. Or, if you’re looking for a little more privacy, there’s a nice home nestled in a cave in Missouri.

Next time you’re looking for an apartment, keep an eye out for the unique characteristics that make up its history. You never know, you could find yourself living in an old refurbished brothel or psych ward.

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