Are You Ready for This Year’s Round of Holiday Parties?


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While employees across the country are planning what they want to wear to the company party, behind the scenes are event planners making sure that every detail of that company party has been prepared. From venues to menus, events like company picnics and parties require a lot of work. And while the holiday season has many workers and their spouses thinking about what to wear and who will stay home and watch the kids, the coordination of party rentals including seating take a great deal of time.
Whether you are in charge of planning a winter holiday celebration for a small gathering of friends or a summer party for an entire company, the place to start is making sure that you have the venue reserved. As the wedding industry continues to expand where their events are held, it is more and more common that may have once been a corporate event space may be tied up with someone’s nuptial plans. Making venue reservations early can help any event planner get off on the right foot.
Are You in the Process of Getting Ready for This Year’s Company Party?
On the weekends after Thanksgiving and into the New Year, many companies hold their annual holiday events. The planning of seating and eating and entertainment is no small task. These tasks are so substantial, in fact, that many companies hire an event planner to take care of most of the details.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the event planning industry and the effect that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • 46% of total event revenue comes from a combination of ticket sales and registration fees.
  • 49% of event planners use the internet as their primary method for locating the venues they are looking for.
  • Although it may have been popular to fly people in for large corporate events, these plans are now far more expensive. In fact, many flights in 2017 have seen an 89% decrease in cost compared to those same flights in 1974.
  • Fortunately, hotel rates finally seem to be remaining a little more steady. For instance, the average daily hotel rate has increased from $126 in 2016 to $129 in 2017.

Just as employees are planning what the will wear and who will watch the kids, event planners are behind the scenes making reservations for this year’s holiday company party.

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