3 Tips To Help Your Child To Prepare For Preschool


Starting preschool is a huge milestone for your child. You may be nervous and wondering if your child is truly ready. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your child has a successful new start and a positive experience on their first day. Here are tips to help your child get ready for preschool.

Before School Starts

During the summer before the school year begins, make a visit with your child. Have your child experience what school will be like and who they will interact with. Approximately 86% of children enrolled in preschool are around five years old and 68% are around four years old. Give them a chance to develop some introductory friendships to make things easier on the first day.

Talk with your child about preschools and allow them to open up emotionally. Keep conversations low-key and try not to push your child into expressing their feelings. You can also visit the local library and check out some books to read. Pretend to play with your child on what a typical day will be like and make it fun.

When School Starts

In the first few weeks, it will be helpful to establish regular routines. Regular routines for getting ready each day help your child feel more relaxed and comfortable. During the first few days, stick around at the school if you’re child feels especially stressed. Share helpful information about your child with the teacher that will help them bond with the child and make things more pleasant. Celebrate each of your child’s small achievements along the way.

Dealing With Separation Stress

It’s perfectly normal for both you and your child to have some angst about being separated from one another. When the first day arrives, keep goodbyes short and sweet and your tone as positive as possible. Provide reassurance that everything will be okay and resist the urge to run in and rescue your child from crying when you start to leave. You can always check in with the school later on in the day to see how things are going. Children are pretty adaptable and you’d be surprised how quickly emotions can change.

Preparing for school can be a time of excitement and apprehension for both you and your child. You can make the transition smooth so your child will feel more confident when the big day arrives. Finding a good preschool can help your child develop rich and rewarding experiences for years to come.

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