3 Times a Therapist Can Benefit You


Therapy services

Therapy services can help patients overcome so many different things in their lives. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, OCD, or another mental illness, a therapist can help. Maybe you’re recently gone through a major life change — a therapist can help you work things out. The same can be said with marriage and family counseling. Read on for three times you should consider seeing a therapist.


Depression is a mental illness that can often feel debilitating. It is incredibly hard to live with, and yet, about 50% of Americans never seek treatment for the illness. Medications take about four to six weeks to begin to take effect, but in therapy, the general program of treatment lasts just 10 to 20 weeks. It can help ease the pain people go through with depression, and in time, it can make patients feel a little bit lighter.

Marriage Counseling

Those who turn to someone who is licensed in marriage counseling spend about 20 to 40% less than those who immediately go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Many turn to marriage counseling when they feel their marriage is failing, so not only will you save money on the therapist but you may be able to save money on a divorce, if you can patch things up. It’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Family Counseling

Counseling services can be especially helpful for changes in families. Whether it’s a major difference in opinion, a disease in the family, etc., a family therapist can help you make it through issues. Maybe a child just came out as gay, and the parents need to be educated, or someone in the family is going through a major life change. In these situations, it is important that everyone’s opinion and feelings are considered.

Would you consider counseling services for any of these situations? What would you look for in a therapist? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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