4 Great Places to Have a Baby Shower


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Having a baby is one of the most exciting, and terrifying things someone can experience. Pregnancy is a funny time; not so much ha ha funny as peculiar. Sometimes, a pregnant lady can feel completely alone in her quest and other times, never felt this much love and support from those around her. It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget about the crazy hormones and emotions flying around our pregnant friend or relative. Throwing her a baby shower is a great way to show her that people really care about her and they are excited for her. Almost every baby shower I’ve ever gone to, the mom to be has said something to the effect of, “I am so astounded at everyone that’s here, I thought no one was going to come!”

There’s some great ideas out there for baby shower themes and food plans, but let’s talk about some unique baby shower locations.

There’s always the back garden, someone’s house, a clubhouse, a hotel banquet hall, etc. and one of these could be the best venue for your girl but if you really want to go above and beyond and show her that you’ve really put in a lot of effort to this, check out something of these creative and unique baby shower locations:

  1. A Tea Room
    What better way to celebrate than with fine china and cucumber sandwiches? Especially if the mom to be is expecting a baby girl, this is one of the sweetest locations to have a baby shower.

    Of course, one must enjoy a cup of tea to be able to have a tea party but even if some of the guests do not, you could put other hot drinks into some of the tea pots, as unorthodox as that is; you want to be sure to accommodate everyone. However, if you have all kinds of different flavor teas, I’m sure everyone would be willing to at least try them.

    Decorations would need to be girly; think ruffles and flowers. If the weather is nice, having a tea party outdoors would be perfect. Perhaps you could find a tea room that has outdoor seating.

  2. A Park This one may not seem like one of the more unique baby shower locations, but you’d be surprised at how often parks are passed over for these things.

    A park would be a great place to have a picnic theme and the best part is, it’s free! If kids are invited to the shower, this is a great place to keep them occupied and entertained in a safe environment.

  3. A Bowling Alley
    This could be a really fun and relaxed atmosphere to have a shower in. If your shower is co ed then this would definitely be more appealing to the fathers and husbands that are invited.

    Some of your guests may not be all that excited about the prospect of bowling; not everyone loves to bowl. However, if you are going to be playing shower games and things like that, it may not even matter if a few people don’t want to actually bowl. Chances are, anyway, once you start bowling, those who didn’t want to, may change their minds.

  4. Spa What girl doesn’t love to be pampered? These idea could be done one of two ways: If the host can afford it, a spa can be prepaid for everyone to receive one or two services. Or, each guest could get their own service. If given enough notice, I’m sure guests would not mind postponing their regular manicure or pedicure and having it done at the party.

    There’s no better way to make a girl feel pretty and loved than handing her a relaxing evening at a spa!

If you already know what to look for when planning an event like this, then you are already one step ahead. Hopefully, you have gotten some great ideas from the unique baby shower locations above and will let your mommy to be know that she loved and cherished and even more importantly, that her baby will be also.

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