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Are you in the market for a luxurious new home? Do you want it to be cutting edge, with the newest appliances, environmentally friendly building plans, and additions that will make your houseguests gasp in awe? You should get in touch with a custom home builder and have him or her draw up luxury home floor plans. You can design your new home with all the flourishes, gadgets, and extra rooms that your heart desires. Custom home builders may even have suggestions for the designs that you wouldn’t have even thought about! Contractors will charge you about 15-25% of the total cost of building your home, so you want to choose carefully. But with the right designer and contractor, your new home will be beyond your wildest imaginings.
What Are Popular Inclusions In Luxury Home Floor Plans Right Now?
Popular among some of the more extravagant luxury house designs are a professional and deluxe sized spa room that can be used at home. You’ll never have to venture outside your home again to get the spa treatment! Also popular is a custom-built wine cellar to store the most precious of your vintages — some even come with a tasting room; perfect for hosting an elegant wine tasting party. For some luxury home owners, a full outdoor kitchen (with a wood-fire pizza oven included!), a vineyard, and energy-efficient appliances are all a must. Guest cottages may also be included on the property — they tend to be around 1,200 feet with one or two bedrooms available. Inside, stone bathtubs or infinity pools are popular additions.
Technology-wise, many homebuyers will want a fully-wired system that can connect devices, electronics, and security. Additionally, this plan should have the potential for control using smartphones or tablets. If it’s done properly, you’ll have a “smart” house that’s programmable no matter where you are!
Naturally, the idea is to live in the lap of luxury, so these additions, which may seem ridiculous to the average homeowner, are essential elements in a luxury home.
What Elements Can Be Included In My Luxury Home Plans That Are Good For the Environment?
Environmentally conscious measures are a new trend in luxury homes. Owners often opt for solar panels or geothermal heating and cooling systems. Indeed, geothermal systems have been proven to consume between a quarter and a half less energy than regular heating systems and produce less emissions. Convection ovens are also popular — they cook food around 25% faster than regular ovens and all while using less energy.
Other ways to cut energy loss in your new luxury home floor plans are to get double-paned wood or vinyl-framed windows, which can reduce costs by 18-24%, as compared to using only single-paned windows. Using spray foam insulation can also cut heating costs by half, as compared with other types of insulation. With such a large house, it’s good to be aware of what it might lose in energy, and how to minimize that when building.
When building a luxury home, cost is clearly no problem. You want to make sure you’re hiring the best people and obtaining the best materials to make your new home the best it can possibly be.

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