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Thrifting has recently become “cool” again — perhaps in part thanks to the recession and some pop culture references. Secondhand clothes no longer necessarily denote poverty or being looked down upon — in many cases, finding a great bargain at a secondhand store can be a great topic of discussion and a great way to find eclectic pieces. If you’re a thrifter, making used clothing donations of your own is a great way to give back into that community — and it offers you the chance to help someone really in need. The clothes that you no longer really wear or have outgrown, but that are still in good condition can be a wonderful addition to someone else’s wardrobe.
Why Should I Make Clothing Donations to Charity Organizations?
Save the Planet, One Piece of Clothing at a Time!
Did you know that almost 11 million tons of clothing get tossed in the landfill every year? The typical American alone will send about 70 pounds of textile waste to the dump annually. However, in 2006, it was recorded that almost 3 million pounds of fabric were saved from the dump by secondhand clothing purchases. Additionally, almost 50% of all clothing that gets recycled is given a new life in someone else’s closet. Not only do you get a new outfit, but you keep it out of the dump as well!
One More Thing to Write Off On Your Taxes
If you donate over $250 worth of goods, you could write that off your taxes — but make sure that you have a receipt for it! Making used clothing donations can help reduce what you have to pay to the IRS this spring! Men’s overcoats or suits could be worth up to $60 for a tax write-off! To be a really smart donor, make sure that the charity you’re giving to has tax-exempt status (per the 501(c) (3) section of the IRS code.
Spring Cleaning
Had a piece of clothing sitting in your closet for over six months that you haven’t worn? It’s probably time to stop hoping you’ll find the perfect way to wear it and just give it away. Plus, with Americans buying twice the amount of clothes that they did 20 years ago, you’ll probably need some extra room in your closet! You can free up a bunch of space in your closets, giving you more storage and less clutter! Your lightly worn blazer could be what someone needing a second chance wears to a job interview or your child’s winter coat could keep another child in need warm.
What Places Take Used Clothing Donations?
One of the nice things about clothing donations is that pretty much everyone takes them. Clothes donations can be given directly to those in need, or they can be put in a charity organization’s retail shops to generate revenue for the charity itself (think Goodwill or the Salvation Army). Some charities may even run clothing drives in your neighborhood so you can more easily donate.
Consider donating clothes you no longer wear or that you or your family have outgrown. It doesn’t take very long to gather up articles of clothing and is usually incredibly simple to find a place that will take your clothing.

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