Amish Furniture Finding The Piece You Want


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We love Amish furniture. Considered a part of the folk art movement but in actuality pre-dating it, Amish furniture is something that has both an Old World charm and a New World practicality. This is to say — we all need furniture. If you can, why not get furniture that is both distinct and long-lasting? Of course, the fact remains that furniture is not the only craft that is made by Amish woodworkers. Amish woodworking has been done for centuries, and encompasses everything from Amish storage barns to Amish sheds, as well as the more finely made chairs and tables that you’ve probably seen in antique stores and museums alike. But what if you want something Amish-made but don’t want to have to turn to an art dealer or an antique store? What if you want something made to your particular specifications. You in fact can, and in many cases should. After all, many have found themselves in love with a piece at an antique store, only to find that it doesn’t fit into the space they bought it for — and sometimes this discovery occurs only after money is paid. Below, we’ll look into where to buy Amish funiture, as well as what you can expect when you have a piece custom-made. It’s quite ride!

Where To Buy Amish Funiture

When looking for where to buy Amish funiture, you may be surprised by how far the Amish woodworking community has advanced in terms of technology. While the Amish community remains isolated, business is always another matter. After all, just like you and me, they need to put food on the table! While there are dealers who specify in Amish furniture, sometimes they can be difficult to access, and for that matter charge a premium that you wouldn’t find in other outlets. Amish furniture can be sold and ordered through catalogs. But in truth, the easiest way is to find a website that sells custom-made Amish furniture. Of course, you want to ensure that it is reputable. But custom furniture in particular comes with different expectations than other types of furniture, and it’s usually easier to spot a fake in these cases. Some websites even offer opportunities for people to examine the furniture in person if they live close by or are willing to make the trip necessary. But once you’ve found where to buy Amish funiture, you should look into what kind of piece you want made. This can greatly effect the kind of materials used and how long you’ll be waiting for the piece.

How Amish Furniture Is Made

The process that goes into making custom Amish furniture begins with the customer specifying what they want. They need to have measurements on hand, so that the craftsman will be able to make the piece as detailed as possible. Remember that 100% of Amish furniture is hand-crafted, and while you will get the results you expect, it may take some time. Typically, Amish furniture is made from oak, cherry, hickory, maple, or walnut wood — meaning that your piece will be both beautiful and sturdy. Taking into account both work time and shipping time, you will wait between 12 and 16 weeks to receive your piece after ordering online. The process of crafting a custom piece of furniture usually takes about eight weeks in itself, with a non-custom piece taking a bit less time. The wait will pay off.

Looking Beyond Furniture

Again, furniture isn’t the only product made by Amish craftsmen. Amish woodworking can be applied to practical pieces as well. For those looking for Amish sheds, they can choose between pieces that are assembled for them, ad shed kits. The same can be applied to garages. Amish craftsmen can also apply their skills to gazebos and pergolas. The sky is the limit. By buying Amish crafts, consumers are ensuring that a culture that has existed for years will continue to survive and produce unforgettable pieces.

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