Three Reasons Why Amish Woodworking Could Be For You


Amish storage shed

People love good craftsmanship — and there’s substantial evidence that we’re willing to pay more for it. With that being said, paying more money for good quality means that you’re ultimately making an investment. A piece that costs more lasts longer, which in many ways makes it a better value than a cheap piece that will fall apart after a certain amount of time. With 92% of survey respondents indicating that they would be interested in keeping a piece of wood furniture for at least 15 years, it’s clear that consumers like things that last. Of course, wood furniture isn’t the only type of wooden craftsmanship that people buy — and not the only type that they would expect to last for the long term. Everything from wooden garden sheds to barns, pergolas, and even garages can be either mass-produced or created by skilled artisans. One is clearly going to last longer and look better than the other — mass-produced pieces, whether they be furniture or garden sheds, are typically made with the cheapest materials possible, and as quickly as possible for that matter. If you’re looking for real craftsmanship, look no further than Amish woodworking. Yet many people aren’t aware that Amish craftsmanship is even an option for the average consumer. They are — the Amish have become known for their custom crafts, including wooden cupboards, furniture, and even kits that the buyer can assemble. Let’s look into Amish woodworking — and unveil a few facts you may not know.

1. This Craft Has Existed For Centuries

If you want a specific type of quality — something that will last — and uniqueness, seek out Amish woodworking first. The Amish have been perfecting this craft for far longer than most American woodworkers. They use old techniques and knowledge that is inaccessible for most Americans. For a long time, this went completely unknown to the average consumers. However, in the 1920s, the folk art craze began to sweep the nation. This made “folk” crafts more valuable to art dealers, and it wasn’t long before Amish furniture was discovered by such dealers. Dealers and historians alike began to place high values upon Amish crafts. That level of value remains to this day — even an Amish garden shed is more valuable than the kind you would order from a mass manufacturer online. So, why is it that so much value is placed upon Amish works, whether they’re garden sheds or custom gazebos?

2. Amish Craftsmanship Takes Its Time

Certain expectations come with Amish woodworking — with every Amish work being 100% handcrafted, you’re not going to get your order immediately. But when you do get it, the piece will last longer and look better. There is no doubt that it will be of a visibly higher quality in every way. Amish furniture in particular can be custom-designed and made to look completely unique. You may pay more for a one of a kind piece, but it will be yours and yours alone — and believe us, people will notice. Usually, the Amish will us of one of five different types of wood to create furniture. These types include maple, walnut, hickory, cherry, and oak. After you order your piece, you can expect it to take an average of between 12 and 16 weeks for it to arrive at your home. While a typical piece of Amish furniture takes about eight weeks to make, it then has to be package and shipped — a careful, painstaking process.

3. Amish Woodworking Lasts

We’ve mentioned that Amish woodworking lasts — but let’s get into the specifics of this. Typically, a wooden shed built by Amish craftsmen lasts around 15 years. And this is a shed — a much simpler piece that is meant to be kept outside, withstanding the elements. But the fact is that furniture is meant to be kept clean and maintained by the owner — while being housed in a safer environment. Therefore, it should last even longer.

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