How Water Proofing Solutions Can Help to Make Your Home a Safer, Cleaner, and More Enjoyable Environment


Crawl space leaks

It’s common to say that home is where the heart is but if the basement in your home is damp, moist, or has issues with flooding, then it’s safe to say that you have quite the heartbreak on your hands in terms of water proofing solutions to keep your basement dry. And when it comes to resolving water-related issues in your wet basement, home waterproofing is the best and only surefire way to prevent water damage and repairing foundation leaks caused by water seepage. Water proofing solution can prevent the heartache of a wet basement and all the issues that come along with that, allowing your heart to feel safe — and dry — where it belongs at home.

Water is not — and never will be — a friend to your home. Whether it’s roof leaks that make their way onto the ceilings of your home, a burst washing machine hose that soaks the entire laundry room, a frozen pipe in the garage that bursts wide open or a sump pump that isn’t working and causes your basement to flood will always be in the enemy in the battle to prevent mold and mildew growth. This is perhaps among the greatest dangers homeowners who choose not to take advantage of water proofing solutions will face. Damp and moist environments, especially those that are warm, provide the perfect breeding ground for mold growth.

Aside from being unsightly, mold and mildew growth also presents a slew of health risks, including potentially dangerous allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, respiratory illnesses, infections, and skin ailments. For households with people that suffer from allergies, preventing the growth of mold and mildew is of the utmost importance! In these cases, homeowners have to be especially diligent when it comes to keeping their home as dry as possible.

But sometimes, humidifiers, opening the the windows, fans, and reducing the amount of houseplants in your home simply isn’t good enough. This is especially true for areas of the country that receive a lot of rain, such as the Pacific Northwest, or for areas that experience a large number of summer thunderstorms during the warm months. Water proofing solutions can offer a sense of peace of mind in addition to a drier, healthier household.

There are a variety of water proofing solutions available out there, but many people are reluctant to invest in them, believing that they’re took expensive or not worth the cost. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! The reality is that homeowners actually can’t afford not to take advantage of these methods and solutions for waterproofing, because the task of dealing with water damage is a lot more expensive and time consuming then practicing the preventative maintenance of water proofing solutions.

So if you’ve got leaking floors, walls, and cracks in your basement or around your home, don’t turn a blind eye to the problem, assuming it will go away on its own. Similarly, don’t try to do the work of getting and keeping your basement dry yourself. When it comes to water leaks, you need the experience of a professional waterproofing contractor who can help you explore and decide which water proofing solutions are best for your home’s specific needs.

There are many solutions when it comes to water proofing your basement, but drainage seems to be among the simplest and most common methods. Commonly referred to as a French drain after it’s creator, French drains work by using a sump pump to move water out of the basement and away from the foundation. The key to making sure this method continues being effective is regular sump pump maintenance. This simple step can help to keep your basement dry and reduces the need for foundation repairs caused by water damage.

Sealants are another popular method when it comes to basement waterproofing, though they’re not without controversy. Many professional basement waterproofing contractors or homeowners who have used this service in the past believe it to only be a temporary fix as opposed to a long term, permanent solution for keeping a basement dry.

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