Are You Asking the Right Questions During your Search for a Public Adjuster?


Florida public adjuster

After your house has been damaged by a natural disaster or extreme weather event such as fires or tornadoes, public adjusters can be the resource you need to get a fair payout from your insurance claim.

This is because homeowner’s insurance companies are notorious for reducing the amount of money paid out for this type of damage to their policyholders. Working with a public adjuster can help increase the amount of damages you get during your claim — and make the claim filing process easier and simpler as a whole. Unlike the insurance company’s adjuster, a public adjuster will work exclusively in your best interests.

However, not all public adjusters are as skilled or qualified as they should be, which is why you need to be asking the right questions during your search for one of these public adjusters. Not sure what you should be asking during your search for the right public adjuster services? This list of the four questions everyone should ask a public adjuster might help:

Are you licensed to work in my state?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to make sure your public adjuster is licensed to practice in your state. Ask to see his or her public adjuster’s license to be sure. Additionally, your ideal public adjuster will have a good reputation throughout your local area and have a clean criminal record.

Are you experienced?

It’s one thing to be licensed to offer public adjuster services — but if he or she has little experience, it’s unlikely you’ll get the best result on your claim. Ask for a record of how many years he or she has been working as a public adjuster, and how long he or she has worked in your state. It’s also not a bad idea to ask for three references who are former clients of this public adjuster.

How do you charge for your services?

Public adjuster services can be paid for in a number of different ways. Most public adjusters receive a contingency fee, which is normally anywhere from 5 to 15% of the money you receive from your insurer in your claim. However, some states place a cap on these fees, and others allow for negotiation. Be sure to establish a fair payment percentage before signing a contract.

If I hire you, will I still be allowed to communicate with my insurance company?

Some public adjusters take over every facet of your claim filing process once hired, meaning you won’t be able to communicate with your insurance provider or be involved with your claim in any way. If you would prefer to stay involved with your claim as it proceeds, this is an important question to ask.

Have any other tips or advice to offer on selecting the right public adjuster services for flood damage and fire damage claims? Feel free to share with us and your fellow readers in the comments below.

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