Three Beach-Inspired Interior Design Tips for Home and Condo Owners


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When many people think of beachfront property, they often imagine bright, airy rooms with flowing curtains and vibrant colors to remind them of the sea. However, not everyone lives right on the beach, and those who do may find that their homes lack the coastal theme they thought their house would have when they move in. If you love the look of beachfront property but don’t have the home equipped for it, you can get plenty of interior design advice in furniture stores and on the web to get started.

Whether you’re furnishing a home for the first time or revamping it with that coastal theme you love, check out these three interior design tips for getting the beachfront look in your house:

1. Choose paint colors with your theme in mind. To get a true beachfront look, the interior of the house needs to be decorated to evoke the feeling of the sea. Choose neutral colors or sea blues for paint to get a nautical aesthetic. Adding wainscoting or other decorative elements to the walls is another feature found in many coastal beach or New England-style homes.

2. Think about quality furniture materials. Getting the right furniture is a must-have for any sea-inspired home, and the biggest thing to consider is the type of materials you choose. To find quality furniture, make sure to choose materials that will stand the test of time. Reclaimed barnwood is popular in homes right now for its unique look and strong construction. To find true quality furniture, make sure that welding, nuts and bolts, and screws are out of sight, and avoid anything with plastic or metal feet so you don’t scratch your floors.

3. Add ocean-themed items with care. Many people may think that the decorative touch for a beachy-looking home would involve plenty of sea grass, starfish, and other nautical items, but it’s important not to go overboard. Avoid overdecorating, too, or else you run the risk of looking corny rather than classy.

Want more beach-inspired interior design advice before you go furniture shopping? Leave a comment below. More can be found here.

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