Playing with Pews 5 Ways to Incoporate Church Furniture Into Your Home


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With a surge in popularity for using unconventional decorative items in your home, there is a growing market for things once considered church furniture or church decor. These pieces, which you can often find used or secondhand, have a rich history of their role in sanctuaries and can bring a vintage, functional, and beautiful design element into your decor. Church pews used once to seat parishioners in worship, can now be a quirky new seating element in your home. For ideas about how to incorporate these pieces, check out this list of 5 Ways to Use Church Furniture in Your Home.

1) Church Pews Used as Seating Church pews used in homes often make for a great opportunity to bring extra seating to a living or family room. Because of their design, they can be pushed against a wall and provide several spots for guests without taking up much square footage. Used church pews also bring an important history with them into your home. The oldest pews date all the way back to the 13th century. Back then, they were removable stone benches against walls, but now they can be made of a variety of materials, including oak. Oak pews for sale represent a great option to bring a sturdy piece of furniture into your home. Though for the first 1,000 years or so of church history there were no pews and people could move and mingle during services, pews are now a mainstay in nearly every house of worship. This means there is a large market for second hand church pews that you can use in your house.
2) Church Steeple Inspiration Church steeples are often one of the most striking parts of the church building. Because of their immense height, they draw the eye upwards and create a feeling of grandeur. Don’t forget the principle design of elements of church steeples when playing with height and scale in your home.
3) Making Art Bringing church decor into your house does not have to stop with furniture. Consider framing church steeple plans or using other secondhand church decor items as interesting conversation pieces.

4) Crosses as Centerpieces Gallup polls tell us that around 68% of Americans at least occasionally enter the doors of a church. For those in that group who are Christian, incorporating a cross as a design piece is not only visually interesting, but also a reminder of faith.

5) Making History Modern One of the trendiest ways to approach your home decor is by mixing antique with modern. Church pews used for decades in a place of worship placed in close context to a new, sleek, modern piece provides a stunning look that you and your guests will enjoy.

One of the best parts of decorating your home is getting to make up your own rules. Whether that means incorporating church furniture, or mixing antique and modern, remember to have fun while you create the look of your dreams.

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