Six Things to Consider About Your Fencing


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They say good fencing makes good neighbors, but there are quite a few good reasons to put in some fencing as part of your landscaping design. Whether you want to add value with landscaping, want to enhance your privacy, need to protect parts of your yard or law, or just love the look, here are fencing ideas to help you achieve your goals:

Don’t Underestimate the White Wooden Fence

This is a classic design that beautifully pops against green grass and colorful flowers. It looks amazing when you let vines and flowers grow through it, and shrubs will transform this type of fencing from mundane to showstopper in no time.

Think About a Raised Walkway with Fencing

A landscape architect can tell you more about pricing and feasibility, but you can achieve a truly beautiful look with a raised deck and neatly trimmed hedges. Some elegant fencing here, like wrought iron, makes a pool area look particularly fantastic.

Try Rustic Wood

An old, weather damaged look can be gorgeous when paired with a lovely vegetable or flower design. A farm-style fence with uneven slats can add a touch of relaxed country look even in the midst of the suburbs. The key to pulling off this fencing is to make sure the flowers, shrubs, and lawn around this hardscaping look deliberate and designed.

Improve a Tall Privacy Fence

If you’re putting in a tall fence to achieve some serious privacy, know that it’s easy for this kind of fence to look utilitarian. Choose some nice wooden paneling, and consider sprucing the whole thing up with some nice window boxes full of flowers.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Fencing to Camouflage

One of the great things about fencing is it allows you to hide things like HVAC systems, unsightly holes, or even the view of an unsightly neighbor’s yard. It’s not necessary to put in a long fence to achieve this. You can use spot fencing wherever you need to hide something, and then make it look deliberate and natural with well-placed plant features.

Remember Your Plants

One other great benefit to the right fencing is the ability to provide shade. If you want to grow some shade-loving plants in an otherwise exposed area, the right sort of fence facing the right direction can make that possible. On the other hand, don’t forget that a fence will provide shade when you plant sun-loving flowers near it.

Before you install any fence, make sure you’ve thought clearly about your main goal in having it. Is it aesthetics? Privacy? Safety? Camouflage? A combination of several of these things? Your goals will determine the style of fence you want, the materials you choose, and your installation of plant material. When your goals are clear, call a local landscaper and find out all your options.

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