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Five Floral Arrangements that Transform Your Wedding an Elegant Winter Wonderland

Your wedding day is one of the most significant and special days of your life. Months of planning are dedicated to making your big day perfect — tirelessly searching for your dream wedding gown, the most elegant bridal jewelry, the best florist shop, unique save-the-date cards, the ultimate dinner menu, a decadent wedding cake…. Your […]

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The Benefits of Buying a Home in Foreclosure

The Great Recession between 2007-2009 resulted in a number of hard economic and financial hits, including thousands of lay offs and a record amount of foreclosures; 2.8 million to be exact. Real estate values plummeted, leaving countless real estate agents to seek work elsewhere. However, not all is lost. Nearly six years later, American consumers […]

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Three Things You’ll Never Believe Happened in Sheds and Garages

A lot of people have sheds or garages on their properties — or both — but more often than not they serve as a catch-all for lawn equipment, seasonal recreational toys, and anything that’s been cast out from the house. Garages and sheds are some of the most under-appreciated outbuildings there are, but not all […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Companion Care

Companion care is an ideal elder care service for seniors who want to maintain the independence of living at home but feel cut off from a community or have difficulty completing daily tasks. Caring companions can even help seniors with more complex care needs like dementia and memory loss. Companion care encourages seniors to engage […]

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Three Things You Can Expect from Today’s Senior Living Options

Many seniors today find that they can no longer age in place in the homes they already own. They may find that they need help with daily tasks and responsibilities, or they might discover that their home needs significant safety upgrades to prevent falls or other issues. Sometimes the best option in these situations is […]

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How to Choose an Assisted Living Home When Caring for Your Parents

Are you caring for your parents as they age? If so, you are in a situation that many other adult children find themselves in. While it is sometimes possible for Mom and/or Dad to live in an in-law apartment or age in place in their own homes, sometimes they require a bit more attention than […]

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Home Is Where the Appraisal Is Why a House Appraisal is So Important to Buying Your New Home

In our shaky world of investments, investors are always on the lookout for wise, lucrative investment options. There are many ways to go about investing, of course, but investing in real estate – and especially house appraisal – is a surefire way to invest in confidence. Real estate routinely shines in competitive market analysis. In […]

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Four Tips to Help You Decorate a Room Any Sailor Would Be Proud Of

If you want to deck your home out with nautical items for a unique, seaside theme, you’ve still got to follow the basic rules of decorating. Here are a few tips to help. Coordinate the Colors Well. Before you go buying and hanging a ton of nautical decor, you’re going to want to make sure […]

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A Short Guide for Planning a Wedding in a Year or Less

The prospect of getting married is exciting for many brides-to-be, but they are also usually the ones in charge of planning the wedding which can be a little more stressful than it is fun. Part of making sure that the wedding planning goes smoothly and as stress free as possible is starting planning early. Since […]

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Three of the Most Shocking Bed Bugs Facts You Didn’t Know

Can bed bugs be on walls? Yes, they can. It’s a common misperception that bed bugs can only be found in beds, when, in reality, they can occupy crevices in walls, carpeting, furniture, and other conducive locations in the home. Bed bugs are usually transported in tandem with house luggage and are a domestic menace […]

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