A Few Benefits of Master Planned Communities


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If you’re looking into homes for sale right now, you probably have the usual things on your checklist. Storage space, central air capability, curb appeal, a good neighborhood — these are all popular considerations for people buying a new home. If you’re in the overwhelming majority of people looking for new homes in the suburbs, we suggest you take a look at the benefits of master planned communities.
What exactly is a master planned community?
There’s a famous episode of Spongebob where Squidward is pining over what to look for in a new home, and a commercial for Tentacle Acres ends his search. In addition to providing awesome housing, Tentacle Acres seems to have everything Squidward could want. Bike rentals, exercise classes — even his favorite food, canned bread. Squidward didn’t realize it, but he was experiencing first hand the main benefits of master planned communities. Namely, they were designed not just with housing architecture and street planning in mind, but with a holistic idea of what your place to live should be about. Master planned communities are about just that — creating a self-sufficient, holistic community for a target demographic.
Why might a master planned community be right for me?
1. Convenience: One of the greatest benefits of master planned communities that set them apart from normal suburbs, even those suburbs considered to be nice, is the large amount of recreational activities available to residents. Often master planned communities (MPCs) will have a high density of things like tennis courts, pools, dance halls, bike paths, camp grounds, etc., that are exclusively available to residents. Which brings us to the second benefit of MPCs.
2. Privacy: When you’re young, making new friends can be exciting. But then you get into your late twenties, and you have a job, and maybe a kid, and a husband, and they’re like two other jobs, and all of a sudden, you don’t want to make that many new friends anymore. You want the comfort of routine and old friends. You want your bubble. You want to relax in your neighborhood and feel safe walking the dog at all hours, because you know almost everyone you pass on the street by name. If this sounds like you, then this is another reason MPCs might be the ticket.
3. A connection to nature: One of the most desired (and therefore most common) amenities that characterize modern MPCs is the connection to some significant nature. This could be a beach, a forest with trails, a mountain, or an area famous for horseback riding — it varies. But if you’re one of those people who always means to get out more, it might be worth taking the hassle out of getting out.
What about price?
For sure, you’re going to pay a premium for all of this convenience and natural wonder. However depending on where you’re looking, you could also be saving thousands or even millions on taxes (this is especially true in Florida for example, which boasts a few really nice MPCs). Isn’t it worth paying a little extra for the perfect community, especially if it means paying less in taxes? Definitely something to think about as you continue your exciting journey into the new home search.

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