Which Home Design Style Fits Your Personality? Take This Quiz and Find Out?


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So you’ve decided to create your dream home with custom home design. The possibilities are endless, but for some reason you’re not sure which design direction to go in. There are so many different custom home plans to create, but which one is right for you? Take this quiz to see which home style best fits your personality!
Your ideal home is in:
A. A quaint neighborhood
B. By a body of water
C. A neighborhood with rich history
D. In a big city

Choose a vacation destination!
A. Disney World
B. The Caribbean
C. Paris
D. Los Angeles

You?d most likely be seen driving:
B. An eco-friendly car
C. A vintage car
D. A new-model luxury car

Your perfect weekend includes:
A. A backyard barbeque with friends and family
B. Relaxing on the beach
C. Going to an art museum
D. Partying downtown with friends

Mostly A: Colonial ? If you got mostly A?s, you want to opt for casual custom home plans that are cozy and rustic. A classic, colonial style home would fit you; you?re incredibly family oriented and enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time with loved ones. You?re all about warmth and hospitality, so ask your custom home builder about creating a space with the family room as the focus of the home. A fireplace and a large formal dining room for entertaining would be ideal additions.
Mostly B: Beach Bungalow ? Do you dream of living in a seaside paradise? Consider creating your own beachside retreat by choosing custom home plans with a coastal vibe. Light and airy spaces in hues of sand and sea will make it feel like an endless summer. Your perfect home would be nestled along the ocean in warm place. Custom house builders can create multiple guest rooms for when your friends and family come to visit you. It?ll be like a vacation, all the time!
Mostly C: Victorian ? A bold and dramatic Victorian design will marry your love for all things opulent with the traditional elegance of bygone eras. Luxury home models with opulent iron scroll work and old-world details really catch your eye. Recreate the look and feel of Victorian gothic homes with deep colors and bold patterned wallpapers.
Mostly D: Ultra-Modern ? Custom home models with a contemporary flair would suit you best. Your space would be chic and sleek with minimalist features and clean lines. You?re always on the pulse of what?s new and now, and your home would reflect that with high tech gadgets and eco-friendly materials. Choose designer home models with open floor plans and big open windows for a clean, modern, light-filled space.

What was your result? Let us know in the comments below!

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