Why Picking the Right Mattress is So Important to Your Overall Health and Wellbeing


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Addressing one’s own personal health or the health of a close family member or friend can be difficult to do. Not only is it a very personal and touchy subject, but many people view helpful suggestions as personal attacks or insults. Similarly, it can be difficult and even a bit painful to critically review the ways you might be negatively affecting your own health. Do you really need to drink so many energy drinks? Are you getting enough sleep? The list goes on.

Ironically, many people are often simply unaware that parts of their daily and/or nightly routines might be impacting their health in a bad way. For example, it’s often said that sleep is overrated. Yes, you read that right. Sleep. Unfortunately, the bold, type-A go-getting personalities that spout of this senseless rhetoric are sadly mistaken. In fact, by all intents and purposes, sleep is pretty underrated. Without the proper amount of it, you health can suddenly and seriously take a turn for the worst.

Sleep, and its numerous health and wellness benefits, is exactly the reason why picking the right mattress is so important. Funny to think that something as seemingly simple as picking the right mattress can dramatically improve your health but in reality, it can! Picking the right mattress is the difference between waking up feeling revived and refreshed in the morning and ready to take the day by its horns or feeling achy, tired, and as though you hadn’t slept at all.

In fact, furnishing a home properly can be done in such a way as to promote your overall health. By incorporating and using feng shui tips for furnishing a home and in your home furnishing styles, you can create an environment unique to you and your needs that facilitates peace, harmony, love, and even productivity. Hard to believe? Clearly something about feng shui has to be successful, or else it wouldn’t have been practiced for thousands of years prior to the time it was popularized by Western societies.

So next time you’re planning furniture for a room, choosing a mattress, or searching for ideas for furnishing a home on Pinterest, don’t just blindly consume! Think about how it will affect your overall health and well being, including your emotional and mental health. Furniture shopping isn’t just about picking out the latest, greatest, or trendiest items. It’s about creating a space that’s both beautiful and functional!

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