What The Amish Can Teach You About Parties


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This summer consider getting out of the house and raiding the garden shed. Your garden not only provides beauty for your home, but it can also give you exercise, nourishment and entertainment too.

Gardening is Good for Your Health
There are several health advantages to gardening. By getting the garden equipment out from the ol’ wooden shed, you can burn calories from tilling and pulling weeds. In fact one hour of weed pulling can burn 260 calories. Gardening is also a great way to get rid of built up stress from every day life. What better way to unwind then by nurturing your prized plants and obliterating pesky pests and weeds?

Your Garden Can Feed You
Growing your own food isn’t as difficult as you might think, in fact it could become so addicting you might have to find additional storage for your harvest. If you can follow directions then growing simple vegetables and herbs should be no problem. It can vary depending on region, but some good vegetables to grow in the summer are tomatoes, beans, squash and peppers.

The Great Outdoors is Great Entertainment
Your garden is a living painting. You can see the beginnings of your plants all the way through to maturity. Sure it takes some patience, but like most things in life it is worth it. Your can bring nature inside by clipping flowers to use as beautiful adornments for your coffee table. So instead of sitting in front of the television, dust off the outdoor furniture and kick back and relax in your garden.

Get Inspiration From the Amish
If you are looking to incorporate more people, you can use your garden as the venue for a party. You can even have themes, like a harvest party or, if you’re in need of additional storage, take a page from the Amish and have a shed-raising party. It is a good excuse to have family and friends over to see how handy you are, just make sure to provide refreshments!

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