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Amish built sheds Amish horse barns Coffee table

3 Reasons to Purchase Amish Furniture

Amish furniture has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years. It originally became popular in the 1920s after American folk art gained popularity. Dealers and historians placed a lot of value on the beauty, uniqueness, and quality of these pieces. Today, the benefits of buying Amish-made furniture have only grown. Check out […]

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Where Are Those Tiny Home Owners Now? In Regular, People-Sized Homes

In 2014, the “tiny house” trend swept the nation’s DIY, green living, and hipster communities, even inspiring a reality show called “Tiny House Nation.” And if you were a green living, Doing-It-Yourself hipster, the tiny house trend was like a dream house come true. Generally, a tiny house is defined as a single-unit family home […]

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