Professional Cleaning Services Extend the Life of Your Carpeting


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Has a glass of spilled red wine wrecked the view of your living room? Is that black tar from the deliveryman’s shoes spoiled the look of the front door entrance rug. If so you might be desperate to fix the problem and remove the stain instead of having to replace an expensive accent rug. Cleaning an area rug is especially tricky if it is in a high traffic area of your home. Wouldn’t you rather clean and maintain it than have to replace it every year or so?

The purpose of an area rug is often to act as an accent to an area or to protect a highly travelled area of a larger piece of carpet. Some rugs, especially under kitchen tables are used to protect and extend the life of wood floors. Between cleaning an area rug and maintaining large wall to wall carpeted areas, it is no wonder that the carpet cleaning industry is big business.

in fact, the U.S. carpet cleaning industry generates approximately $4 billion in revenue a year. Currently, there are an estimated 40,523 carpet cleaning businesses located in the U.S. Commercial carpet cleaning services are an important part of your home maintenance, especially if, as recommended by experts, you professionally clean your carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months. Some spaces, especially high-traffic areas may need to be professionally cleaned once every three months.

Even if you are a fan of wood floors, it is likely that you have some areas that are at least partially covered in an area rug for either decoration or warmth. While it might be tempting to complete the cleaning task yourself or to pursue cheap carpet cleaning services, in the long run you might be very disappointed. Cleaning an area rug that is a family heirloom or was purchased for a large amount of money either in the states or while traveling abroad, however, is a job best left to commercial carpet cleaning professionals who understand the fiber makeup and the care instructions for a wide variety of textiles.

The next time a neighborhood party gets a little out of hand and leaves a stain on your light colored dining room carpet, or your youngest child forgets again to take off his shoes as he tracks oil from the garage up your staircase, consider contacting a rug cleaning professional. It is better to pay for a quality service than to spend months regretting your less than professional attempts.

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