Finished with Your Spring Cleaning? Here’s What You Can Do with Those Old Clothes


Purple heart pickup

With spring in the air, it’s time to open up the windows and air out the house after a long winter. It’s also the perfect time to begin decluttering your home, and the best place to start is by cleaning out the bedroom closets. Because it’s so easy to amass clothing throughout the years, both for yourself and your children, it’s important to set aside time each year to go through what you’re no longer using and give it to a good home.

However, one of the issues that you may run into when you do your annual cleaning is figuring out exactly where to donate once you’re done. There are so many different charity organizations out there that making a choice of where to give can be overwhelming. Here are just a few options that you can consider when you’re helping families in need:

  • Clothing donation drop offs: The best solution for donating clothing is to bring it to a charity yourself. This way you can drop the items off and get a receipt to thank you for your donation. That receipt will help you deduct your donation from your taxes, so it’s a win-win situation for you and for that charity.
  • Charity clothing pick ups: Why drop off clothing when you can have it picked up right at your door? Donation pick ups are an easy way to give to charity, and all you need to do is schedule a time for them to come by. For instance, one you might use is the Purple Heart charity pick up. Purple Heart charity pick ups are staffed by veterans and take donations that will help veterans and military families in your community.
  • Recycling clothing: If you have clothing and textiles that may not be in good enough condition to donate, don’t just throw them away. Check to see if there are any recycling companies in your area that will take these items. Clothing and textiles are some of the easiest materials on the planet to recycle, so make sure that you’re not contributing to landfill waste.

Whether you’re trying to find a Purple Heart charity pick up or need advice on recycling, you can leave a comment with us with any questions you may have.

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