4 Places to Have Your Baby Shower


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Planning an event can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Weddings are likely the most difficult to plan, with around 30% of brides planning for seven to twelve months. While most couples don’t end up having their receptions outdoors, only 15%, and only 25% of couples have themed ceremonies and receptions, you might consider these options if you are planning a baby shower. Lucky for you, if you’ve been through the wedding planning process, baby showers are not nearly as hard to plan as weddings. The most difficult part of planning is probably choosing between locations to have a baby shower. Listed below you’ll find just a few locations to have a baby shower.

Your own home

One of the most cheap baby shower locations is the mother-to-be’s own home. Throwing the shower at your own home not only saves you a big chunk of change, it also allows you to be in control of the situation throughout the whole day. You will have easy access to bathrooms, which, if you are already expecting, you know is important. It also allows you to prepare food yourself (or get help from family members), which will also inevitably save you money in the long run.

Your local church

Many churches allow their members to rent a space for an event. Most times, churches have seating, restrooms and a kitchen, which again allows you to bring your own food. While it would definitely be cheaper to have at your own home, if you are inviting a large number of people, this might be your best bet. Churches may not be at the forefront of your mind for renting, as they typically aren’t seen as party venues. However, churches will usually have large amounts of seating that could accommodate even the largest group of people.

Your local park

Many parks, especially state parks, allow you to rent out a pavilion for events. Some parks even have their own event centers or community centers that you can also rent out. These typically would have indoor bathrooms and sometimes kitchens. This would, again, allow you to bring or cook your own food. Local parks are especially great if a lot of your friends have children. There will typically be a playground very close to the pavilion or event center where guests could take their children if they get too rowdy.

A local restaurant

If you can’t seem to find a home, church, or park that you would like to rent out, restaurants can be a great choice for event venues. While you probably won’t want to rent out their banquet hall, most restaurants have a small, private space that can be reserved. Keep in mind that your guests may be expecting you to pay for their meals, so either choose an affordable restaurant, or keep the guest list to a minimum.

Where have you had your baby shower? Can you recommend any other locations to have a baby shower? Let us know in the comments below!

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