Our Tips for Choosing an Infant Daycare


If you’re transitioning from staying at home on maternity leave to going back to work, one of the most stressful tasks you’ll have to do is find the right infant daycare for your baby. Although you might think that all daycares operate the same and have the same quality of care, every daycare is different and some might not be as well-suited to caring for your child as others. According to the video “INFANT DAYCARE | What to Look for When Picking a Day Care for Your Baby (AND What To Avoid!),” you should vet your infant’s care facilities by asking crucial questions that will paint a better picture of what your child’s daycare experience may look like and allow you to identify potential red flags that could make a daycare a poor fit in the long run.

Before selecting a daycare, call several daycares to ask them about their services.

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Besides asking about pricing and availability, you should also quiz them on topics like what their turnover rate looks like, infant-to-staff ratios, and what schedule they follow for the babies under their care. If they say that they have a high turnover rate or keep all babies on the same schedule, you may want to select a daycare with a lower turnover rate and a self-demand schedule instead.

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