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What to look for in a planned community

New technology has placed modern home design on a whole new level from where it used to be. Home buyers out searching for their first or next home are, these days, looking for more upgrades and amenities than have been available in the past. Even older homes that are on the market have been, or are able to be, upgraded with the most modern conveniences. By the same token, new developments are going up all the time that are basically self sustaining communities.

When considering the purchase of homes in master planned communities, buyers often make a list of what to look for in a new home. Single family homes in a planned community will typically come with several different floor plans, square footage, and designs. Custom design can be added to homes still in the process of being built, or they can be as conventional as the buyers choose them to be.

Planned communities are exactly that. They are planned, constructed around modern home design, and including many upgrades. Built with the people and families who will be living in these homes in mind, the communities are planned with plenty of green space, usually within walking distance of each home, along with easy access to shopping, schools, places of worship, and playgrounds. On the immediate property perspective buyers will typically find swimming, tennis, a club house with space designated for private parties, and more. Some communities will be built around golf courses or lakes, with automatic membership for golfing, as well as lake rights. Fishing and boating are accessible for residents, as well as other recreational equipment.

Most buyers looking for a single family home also feel that yard space is just as important as the inside of the home. Especially families with children are looking for a good sized yard, a safe place for the children to play, right at home. 83% of people living in the United States place importance on having a yard, and 90% of people with a yard uphold the importance of keeping it well maintained. One of the many benefits of master planned communities is that single family homes have their own yards. Owners are usually given the green light to add their own touch to the outside of the home, the front yard, or the back yard, but must stay within the rules and regulations of the community, which are normally quite reasonable.

Of Americans surveyed, nearly half, about 41%, have stated that they would prefer to buy new construction over a house already lived in. What is happening now in the United States is that new construction is beginning to take the shape of an actual village. This is referred to as the cell concept, and it is geared toward bringing people back to a place where they feel more connected to their neighborhood and to each other. New developments are displaying a unique new pattern, and modern home design is part and parcel of the whole deal.

Over the years, residences, workplaces, shopping, and more have been separated physically in such a way that, in many locations, running errands and performing other daily tasks sometimes take several trips by car. It has been realized that because people’s homes, workplaces, and social lives take place in so many different geographical locations, that both individuals and families have become disconnected from each other. Utilizing modern home design to create communities that include village centers is a fairly new idea born out of the need for people to reconnect.

A survey done in 2015 showed that 30% of home buyers make the decision to buy so that they can have a home of their own. In a planned community, residents not only have the advantage of living in their own home, they also have the added amenities that are offered in a cell concept community. The community will include retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment spots, along with homes, all in a small hamlet type atmosphere. In addition, these communities are built within easy access of outside public transportation and highways so that people are still able to reach other destinations easily.

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